Most car companies in the first three quarters of the task completion rate of less than 75%

Recently, the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers announced the September sales data, which shows that passenger cars were sold 2,426,600, the chain appeared 24.92% high growth, compared with same period last year increased by 3.27%; as of the end of September, the first three quarters of this year Passenger cars were sold 17.1550 million, an increase of 2.38%. Although the growth rate is micro-growth, but with the new brand has continued to enter, scattered sales data, resulting in some auto companies do not increase sales. 2017 calendar has been turned over 3/4, there are still a number of car sales did not reach 75% of annual sales target. Joint venture three strong to complete Qi Cheng In addition to the overall data released by the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, the recent auto companies also publicly disclosed sales figures, passenger car market, the three giants - SAIC-Volkswagen, FAW-Volkswagen and SAIC-GM still maintain its position, sales in September Ranking is still solid in the top three. SAIC Volkswagen September sales of 21.86 million, an increase of 22.39%; FAW-Volkswagen sales of 19.85 million (including Audi imported cars), an increase of 6%; SAIC-GM sales of 18.67 million, an increase of 7.86%. Prior to the three joint ventures, only the FAW-Volkswagen open their own sales in 2017 target of 1.96 million, and from January to September this year, FAW-Volkswagen cumulative sales of 139.66 million (including Audi imported cars), an increase of 2.3% The FAW-Volkswagen in the first three quarters to complete the annual sales target of 71.26%. SAIC Volkswagen and SAIC GM two car prices, although not announced sales targets, but with reference to last year's annual sales results found that this year SAIC Volkswagen 9 months sales reached 1.4726 million, equivalent to 73.64% of sales last year; January-September sales of 1.3621 million, last year sales reached 1.88 million, the first 9 months of this year's sales performance is only last year's 72.45%. Taking into account the overall growth of the automobile market, SAIC and SAIC GM's Connecting Rods sales target also increased over last year, therefore, in fact, SAIC and SAIC GM's first three quarters of sales completion is also 70% up and down. Independent brand of ice difference In the China Automobile Industry Association's sales rankings, only three independent brands finalists, they are Geely Automobile, Changan Automobile and Great Wall Motor. Geely Automobile since the beginning of the year all the way triumphant, sales for several months a month on a substantial increase in sales, from January to September this year, Geely Automobile total sales of 827,100, up nearly 80% year on year, according to the beginning of the development of 1 million sales Target calculation, has completed the annual task of 82%. However, during the middle of the year, Geely Automobile to raise sales target to 1.1 million, even so, Geely Automobile now the results have been completed 75% of the task. Changan brand passenger car sales in September to 103,505, an increase of 35%. In the past few months, Changan Automobile into a sales dilemma, despite the rich SUV products, but sales have failed to maintain a strong, so this year, Changan opened official sales promotion model in the third quarter to drive sales growth. Changan this year's sales target of 1.79 million, the first half of the amount of only 43%, the first three quarters of sales fell over the same period last year, the completion of sales targets is not optimistic. While the Great Wall Motor sales in October to 102,000, an increase of 4.46%, from January to September this year, the cumulative sales of 706,000, up slightly 2.25%. Although the Great Wall Motor performed well, but the beginning of the development of sales targets up to 1.25 million, the current task is only completed 56.48%. Japan and South Korea brand Qi growth September Korean brand appeared to pick up, Beijing Hyundai and Dongfeng Yueda Kia (microblogging) have seen a substantial increase in the chain, the former sales in September reached 85,000, the chain growth of more than 60%, although the sales of only 4 Million, but relative to the August data has grown more than 70%. The first three quarters of this year, Beijing's cumulative sales of modern has reached 501,100, from the beginning of the proposed 1.25 million sales target has a considerable gap, only completed 40%. Once in the Korean brand into the plight of sales took the opportunity to snatch the Japanese brand of the market, there is still a strong performance in September this year. Dongfeng Nissan's Nissan and Kai Chen two brands in September sales of 10.29 million, an increase of 30%, the first three quarters of total sales of 772,000, an increase of 11.4%. This result accounted for 71.48% of the annual sales target of 1.08 million. Dongfeng brand in September terminal sales exceeded 74,000, an increase of 29.3%, from January to H Beam Connecting Rods September this year, fit BMW E46 Coilovers for sale Dongfeng Honda terminal sales have sold 517,000, compared with the same period last year, a substantial increase of 27.3%. While Dongfeng Honda's sales target of 650,000 this year, has now completed 80% of the target. Therefore, Dongfeng Honda decided to challenge the annual sales target of 680,000.

China 's car intelligence in the forefront

A new study shows that car manufacturers are filled with entertainment systems on new car dashboards. But H Beam Connecting Rods these car entertainment systems are driving the driver, dangerously for a long time to deviate from the road, and let the hand loose the steering wheel. David Strayer, a professor at Utah University, released the latest research. Since 2013, Streier has been working for the American Automobile Association's Traffic Safety Foundation to investigate the impact of car entertainment systems on car safety. Although the same problem was found in previous studies, Streier said the "technology explosion" made the situation worse. At present, the global car manufacturers can provide a variety of options, allowing drivers to use the vehicle when using social media, e-mail and short message and other functions. In the past, the car had only a few buttons and knobs, and now there are up to 50 multi-function buttons on the steering wheel and dashboard of some cars. Such as touch screen, voice commands, writing boards, head-up displays (HUDs) on windshields, computer-generated 3D images, and the like. Streier believes that the driver's fingertips can touch the things more and more complex, more and more information, but the car manufacturers are usually not considered, put these systems into the driver's reach, after all, Is not a good idea. Now, the complexity increases the total time spent by the drivers using these systems. However, the automotive industry generally believes that these new systems provide a better choice for drivers than mobile phones and navigation devices that are not suitable for use in driving. Wade Newton, a spokeswoman for the American Association of Automobile Manufacturers, said the car integration system was designed to be used in a driving environment, requiring and adjusting the temperature of the driver or adjusting the temperature to the same driver's attention, Adjust the radio and Connecting Rods adjust the temperature) has always been considered to be basically acceptable behavior. However, Jake Nelson, director of transportation safety advocacy and research at the American Automobile Association, pointed out that the tests of 30 2017 cars and light trucks showed that when the driver used the car entertainment system, the line of sight would deviate from the road Will release the steering wheel. null Because the driver will use the voice command, touch screen and other interactive technology to make phone calls, send information, adjust the radio or navigation. Obviously, car manufacturers and "not enough effort" to allow the vehicle system to respond quickly and easily. The researchers believe that 23 of the 30 vehicles under test, requiring the driver to have a "very high" or "high" attention. Seven vehicles under test are considered to be "moderately modest" to the driver's attention. But without a vehicle under test, only need less attention from the driver, you can use these systems. null Through the car GPS navigation system planning destination, is the most distracting behavior of the driver, the average cost of 40 seconds to complete the driver. At a speed of 25 miles per hour, the car can exercise the length of the four soccer fields at the time the driver enters a destination. Previous studies have shown that the driver's sight from the road to leave only 2 Coilovers For Sale seconds, the risk of crash will be doubled. null Under the pressure of the industry, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) released auto safety guidelines for instrument panel technology to automakers in 2012, rather than mandatory safety standards. The guidelines recommend that automakers improve the ability to lock navigation systems while the vehicle is running. But in the study, there are 12 cars in the process of driving, the navigation system can be rewritten. The guideline also recommends that the car manufacturer prevent the driver from sending information during travel, but three quarters of the vehicle under test allows the driver to send information during the vehicle's movement. null The ability to send information is the second most distracting driver's attention. In China, this phenomenon because of the rise of WeChat, especially serious. Even when a voice command is used, the driver's line of sight is less time off, but the safety performance will be reduced as the driver interacts with the vehicle system for longer and longer. The American Automobile Association says the driver can use the on-board technology system only if it is in a reasonable emergency situation, or for urgent, driving-related purposes. null The association also urges the carmaker to lock the ability fit GT2871 Turbo of the navigation system and the ability to send information while the vehicle is running; the carmaker should also redesign the car entertainment system to achieve the attention of using these systems, no more than listening to the radio or The attention required for the reading. A survey conducted by the American Automobile Association showed that almost 70% of US adults said they wanted to install these new technologies on their vehicles. But only 24% of people think that these technologies have been able to work perfectly. null Marshall Doney, chairman and CEO of the American Automobile Association, believes that the driver wants to use safe and easy-to-use technology, but now a lot of features added to the car entertainment system have led to the use of too complicated, and sometimes reduced the driver The user experience. Compared to the United States, this is why Chinese consumers prefer to use the phone during the driving process, rather than the car system. But with the development of artificial intelligence and technology more and more developed, as well as auxiliary driving and unmanned development, car inside "fill" technology configuration, is not it sooner or later?

September new energy vehicles sold 78,000

China Automobile Association Secretary-General Assistant Xu Haidong said that the first three quarters of H Beam Connecting Rods the new energy vehicle growth in line with the basic expectations of the steam in the beginning of the year, coupled with the fourth quarter is the new energy vehicle sales season, so this year's 700,000 sales target should be able to complete. October 12, China Automobile Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as "China Automobile Association") announced the September new energy vehicle production and sales data. According to statistics, in September the new energy vehicle production and sales were completed 77,000 and 78,000, respectively, year on year increase of 79.7% and 79.1%. China Aviation Association, Assistant Secretary-General Xu Haidong said that the first three quarters of the new energy vehicle growth in line with the basic expectations of the steam in the beginning of the year, coupled with the fourth quarter is the new energy vehicle sales season, so this year's 700,000 new car sales target should be able to carry out. September new energy vehicle production and sales, pure electric vehicle production and sales are completed 6.4 million, respectively, year on year increase of 85.2% and 83.4%; plug-in hybrid car production and sales were completed 13,000 and 14,000, an increase of 57.6% 61.9%, due to BYD Song DM, SAIC Roewe eRX5 and other mixed-type car Connecting Rods with the recent market performance is good, plug-in hybrid cars began to cool back. September new energy commercial vehicle production and sales were 19,000 and 17,000, respectively, year on year increase of 54.2% and 35.3%. September new energy vehicles to accelerate growth, in addition to the steady growth of new energy passenger cars, the new energy commercial vehicles have begun to accelerate. According to the Auto Coilovers For Sale Association statistics, the first half of the 30,000 km operating mileage requirements plagued the new energy bus, the recent began to pick up. 2017 years ago in September to see, the new energy vehicle production and sales were completed 424,000 and 398,000, respectively, over the same period last year increased by 40.2% and 37.7%. Of which pure electric vehicle production and sales were completed 348,000 and 325,000, respectively, over the same period last year increased by 51.6% and 50.1%; plug-in hybrid car production and sales were completed 76,000 and 73,000, respectively, over the same period last year 4.0% and 0.6% respectively.

Cool pure electric car Nissan hear the wind, is it possible to domestic China?

Pure electric small car seems to have only two kinds of looks - Meng Meng da small cute or simply is H Beam Connecting Rods the way the old scooter look, they are fashion and trend of the insulator. Until you see a new generation of Nissan hear the wind (LEAF), I know that the production of pure electric car's value can be so high! Since 2009 has been sold 27 million units have been sold, hear the wind can be said that the world's most popular pure electric vehicles on the market. The new generation of hearings released in September this year is enough sultry, and the upcoming debut at the Tokyo Motor Show Nismo concept car is cool out of the new height, equipped with a Nismo sports design suit he believes will be many young consumers Favored. If the car came to China, I am afraid that many local new energy vehicles have to re-cosmetic capacity Caixing. This is the coolest generation of the wind, has been on sale in Japan If you have seen the last generation of the wind, you will be this new generation of hear the wind in the shape of how radical. This generation of the wind with Nissan's latest family-style V-Motion design language, both sides of the headlamps and closed grille connected fit GT2871 Turbo into a large V, the integration of the shape so that the front face more dynamic. Tough fog lights lines, whirlpool dart-style taillights, shark fin antenna and other elements are so that the car is full of dynamic and passion. With the prevailing words, this is called freestyle. Of course, a really cool car is not just the appearance of cool, have to have content Caixing. A new generation of listening to the wind by the motor +40 kilowatt hours of lithium-ion battery pack consisting of pure electric system, the maximum power of up to 110 kilowatts, the peak torque of 320 cattle meters, the maximum battery life of up to 400 km, but I do not believe a little The 400 km is a comprehensive operating conditions under the performance of life, perhaps Nissan with some special calculation method. In the fast-charge mode, the car can be filled with 80% in just 40 minutes. Too cool, the car is equipped with a ProPilot semi-automatic driving system, not only can assist with the car driving, and even can cope with the stop and stop the congestion road, his e-Pedal electronic pedal allows the driver only need to increase or decrease Stepping on the accelerator pedal of the intensity, you can easily complete the vehicle start, acceleration, deceleration and braking operations. Finally, talk about the size of the car: 4480 * 1790 * 1560mm, comparable to the mainstream compact class car 2700mm wheelbase so that this travel car also has a more comfortable ride space. Morning wind is dead, hear the wind may be made into China? In fact, to understand the size of this car, the author has been in the fantasy of this car Connecting Rods will not be lengthened. China is not impossible, but I am afraid to wait until the end of 2018, 2019 early, when his design and technical parameters will have an advantage? Independent brand may have been overwhelmed by the east wind it? Pull away, and say back to this car will be At the end of August this year, Renault - Nissan Alliance and Dongfeng Motor Group Co., Ltd. on the joint venture to set up a special production and sale of new energy vehicles joint venture - Yi Jie special new energy vehicles Limited (eGT). Renault - Nissan and Dongfeng each holding 50% of the shares, is expected to launch in 2019 the first product. Prior to Nissan Motor president Nishikawa wide in an interview also revealed that after 2018 there will be 10 balance of new energy models into the Chinese market. In fact, not only Renault - Nissan, other foreign brands have also set up a new energy joint venture in China, is undoubtedly a fancy to China's new energy car market great potential. There is a strong product force of the wind, Nissan there is no reason to hide the tucked not let him release the energy? Moreover, after the previous generation of the wind in China's twin brother - Kai Chen morning breeze in 2014 has been released, but because of the market environment, consumer awareness, supporting facilities and price factors such as obscurity. And now different from the past, "double points" policy has officially landed, Kai Chen Coilovers For Sale has also been independent from the Dongfeng Nissan, we further bold speculation, hear the wind will not be made by Kai Chen domestic, or the introduction of a new generation of morning wind?

Oxford in the UK has been banning fuel trucks from 2020 onwards

Oxford, UK, announced a plan to ban gasoline and diesel cars to curb H Beam Connecting Rods pollution. From 2020 onwards, Oxford's "zero-emission zone" will prohibit diesel locomotive into the city center. Oxford will also reduce the parking fees for electric vehicles and electric taxis to stimulate the sales of electric vehicles. In the first phase of its plan, taxis, cars, light commercial vehicles and non-zero emissions of the bus will be banned in the city center on the 6 streets on the road. "Zero discharge area" will gradually expand, including more streets and more types of vehicles. By 2035, all emissions vehicles, including trucks, will be banned from entering the city center. Britain has said it will ban sales of new diesel and petrol vehicles in 2040. France, Paris, Madrid, Connecting Rods Mexico City and the cities of Athens will implement a ban on fuel vehicles, the goal is to 2025 banned the use of fuel vehicles in the city center.

A charging 1772 km electric bus a new record life

Through this new record, also proved that the progress of battery technology has been able to make heavy-duty electric H Beam Connecting Rods vehicles in front of the traditional diesel models, have a greater advantage.
Proterra, headquartered in Silicon Valley, has created a new track record for its own electric bus.
Proterra said it was using the latest generation of the company's version of the Catalyst E2 model, which was tested at the Navistar Proving test site in New Carlisle, Indiana, culminating in a new record of 1101.2 miles (about 1772 kilometers). And through this new record, also proved that the progress of battery technology has been able to make heavy-duty electric vehicles in front of the traditional diesel models, have a greater advantage.
"If we calculate the cost per mile, we believe that the commercialization of large electric buses will be more advantageous," said Ryan Popple, chief executive officer of Proterra. "In the entire transportation market, electric buses will be the first complete transition To the type of electric car. "
Proterra's Catalyst E2 electric bus is Connecting Rods currently priced at $ 700,000 (about $ 4.6 million) with an average mileage of 350 miles (about 560 kilometers). In June this year, this Catalyst E2 electric bus in the United States 15 states have sold a total of 400 vehicles. And Popple in an interview with "Forbes" interview, said the long version of the Catalyst E2 will soon be sold to the market.
Proterra was founded in 2004 and has worked with LG Chemical to develop battery products for heavy-duty vehicles. Proterra recently built a new facility in Bollingham, California to increase the battery pack capacity of Catalyst E2.
However, the price of the vehicle from the point of view, this pure electric bus prices than the traditional diesel bus prices more expensive, while the average price of the latter as long as 200,000 US dollars.
While Proterra has introduced a new model of battery financing that allows transportation companies to buy Catalyst E2 at a price close to diesel buses, such as Park City, a utility company from Utah, to buy six pure electric buses, but the price Is still Proterra company to face the biggest challenge.
In addition to Proterra, there are a number of companies have launched a pure electric version of the heavy truck or Coilovers For Sale large bus car program, which Tesla has also said it will be released in October a pure electric trailer truck.
Proterra is currently producing in Greenville, South Carolina and Los Angeles, and has accumulated $ 195 million in financing, and the company plans to start an IPO in 2018.

No wonder the North Rhine brush ring results so fast

From the "New North run but Qin" ridicule to Wei to EP9 New North Brush Circle show H Beam Connecting Rods presence, Nürburgring has always been a holy land of the automotive industry. There are "green hell," said the Nürburgring North Loop track length of 22.8 km, 300 meters vertical drop, including 177 corners, is the world's most difficult track. As a result, New Zealand's brush ring results are also many car prices as a proof of the strength of the car performance.
From 1961 F1 players brush down 8 minutes and 55 seconds lap fastest results began, the New Zealand lap results have been the major car factory refresh, so far, New North fastest lap performance has been reduced by 2 minutes The This is constantly refreshing the brush ring are how the results are the major depot ran out of it?
As we can think of, optimize the powertrain is to improve the performance of the most direct and effective brush ring means. As the old players of the New North Circuit, Honda with 2015 Civic Type-R (FK-2) to 75063 successfully killed the top of the Megana RS (75436) won the title of the fastest North New Zealand car, cheering And challenge the sound of the heat waves are not completely receded, the public steel gun Golf GTI Clubsport S with 74921 lap again refresh the North North fastest speed ahead of the results. Compared to the ordinary golf GTI, this Clubsport S has the strength to refresh the key secret lies in the use of the 2.0T engine, the maximum horsepower has reached a staggering 310Ps, the maximum torque has reached 380N · m, higher than the normal version The 100Ps horsepower, thanks to the high horsepower high torque engine 0-100km / h acceleration time only need 5.8s.
In addition, unlike the regular GTI-matched 7DCT transmission, Clubsport S uses a 6MT gearbox to further accommodate the track environment.
However, Honda Civic TYPE-R is not willing to eat exhaust. April 24, 2017, the new Civic Type-R to 74380 to recapture the New North fastest speed of the title. The new Civic Type-R 2.0L inline 4-cylinder turbocharged engine maximum horsepower 320Ps, maximum torque of 400N · m, matching the 6-speed manual gearbox, the new Civic Type-R FK8 engine than the 2015 Type-R FK2 engine and The Clubsport S engine boosts the 10Ps horsepower.
Optimize the powertrain In addition to increasing the turbocharged value squeeze power, gearbox adjustment is also essential, "good horse with a good saddle." Before the Connecting Rods Lamborghini Huracan Performante to 6 minutes and 52 seconds to refresh the Newcastle production car lap record, the lap 6 minutes and 57 seconds 918 Spyder pulled down. Brush the Huracan gear in the gearbox on the gear is very close, even very close to the car set. To achieve the same stalls, Huracan requires a lower speed, at the same speed and road conditions, Huracan lower speed, more fit New North's environment gearbox settings to Huracan power utilization higher.
But just by virtue of this 10Ps horsepower wanted to have a run out of the runway run the track ahead of the car and then upgrade more than 6s seems a bit powerless. Manufacturers obviously know the difficulties of doing so, so in improving the performance of the brush ring in this area, they still have other skills. To the chariot into excellent "running shoes" is one of the very useful skills.
Very often, we try to change the car noise, the final will find it better for a set of noise reduction tires good effect; in improving the lap, also apply this truth. Whether it was used in 2015 Civic Type-R was questioned using hot melt tires, or public golf GTI Clubsport S was questioned in the following year was questioned because the application of semi-hot melt tires was always the focus of questioning.
Hot melt will be in the road with the friction and the temperature rise in the case of the surface was melting or called the gel state, which can Coilovers For Sale greatly improve the grip. However, the consequences can be imagined, hot melt tire wear very fast, not suitable for production cars, and more for the car. And semi-hot-melt tires in the temperature can be close to the full hot melt after the grip, but not because the tread is too sticky and sticky with too much sand and other debris, the market some high-performance tire is Semi - hot - melt tires.
2016 Golf GTI Clubsport S when the use of the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup2 is a track-level semi-hot-melt tires, which makes some people feel unfair, although Clubsport S factory is equipped with the same tires.
And 2017 Civic Type-R (FK8) match is the horse brand Conti Sport Contact 6 high-performance sports tires, but there are a lot of people through the video photo comparison and measurement, that the Civic Type-R for hot melt tire instead of the original Factory tire race ring suspected.
No matter what the truth, hot melt tires, semi-hot melt tire is indeed a good magic weapon to improve the results of the race. Another example is that Chris Harris's Youtube channel has been tested against the midway difference between the Trofeo R semi-hot melt tires and the Porsche original Pilot sport cup 2 tires, and the results show that the semi-hot melt tire's lap performance is even better The
In addition to tires, the car lightweight or car weight loss is also the major depots in the lap when you can "secretly make bad" simple and effective way.
Back to Honda Civic Type-R and Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport S, questioned that in addition to the tires are also concentrated in the installation of anti-roll body. what? The installation of anti-roll cage should be to increase the weight of the car, why can lose weight? If you simply add a roll cage, then another matter, but Honda, Volkswagen and other New North regulars are very clear some of the "hidden rules", in order to make up for the increase in the weight of the roll cage, they will remove some of the car Parts to "offset the weight of the roll support".
So in New North ran a new high model but no production cars such as entertainment systems, rear seats and so on. The new Honda Civic Formula R adds a car roll cage to cancel the car entertainment system and rear seats to offset the increased weight of the roll cage;
Golf GTI Clubsport S body weight reduction of up to 100 kg (1,285KG), including the removal of the rear seat, the use of smaller batteries, increase roll cage.
What is the weight of the roll and the weight of the part It is worth pondering. However, even if the anti-roll cage, as one of the engineers to improve the results of the race is indeed a lot of effort in the lightweight: aluminum and the new structure makes the new Civic Type-R weight loss than the old 16kg; Huracan Performante with a new composite Fiber material after 41 kg of weight loss; brush ring score 7 minutes 08 seconds 2015 Nissan GT-R Nismo through the carbon fiber body, rear spoiler, custom surround and other aerodynamic kits than the standard version of the weight loss of 65 kg, Known as 100 km acceleration only need 2 seconds ... ...
To a certain extent, Nürburgring has also become a test site for manufacturers of lightweight products.
For non-production of modified models, in the engine after a special adjustment, the ring-type models can also use the fuel to improve the results. Game with fuel in the extraction of oxygen molecules, into the engine will be more oxygen. When the engine pressurization value reaches the limit, the use of fuel can increase the maximum booster value.
The prerequisite for using fuel is that the strength of the engine must be sufficient because the octane and oxygen levels of the fuel are higher than that of ordinary gasoline. Reasonable use of the game with fuel, to achieve the vehicle horsepower to improve the effect of 100Ps is not Adjustable Coilovers surprising.
And the new Honda Civic Typer-R production version also suggested to use the British 98 super gasoline, at least need EURO95, which shows the oil on the brush circle performance is a certain impact.
In addition to the frontier brother introduced to the simple and crude or straight out of the brush circle method, the major depot in the brush circle on the direction of efforts far more than this. Want to run a higher brush ring results also related to the chassis, suspension, brake systems, aerodynamic kits and electronic auxiliary systems and many other car structure, but also because of the improvement of the brush ring performance test to the car all aspects of car making, which also makes many The depot of the technical reserve is happy to prove itself in the heart of Nürburgring.