2017 Ward Top Ten Engine

Many people know that Ward top ten engines are cattle, but do not know why it is so cattle, the first election of the first condition is that the engine equipment, the price must be less than 60,000 US dollars, followed by the test engine Of the horsepower, torque, fuel economy, noise control and new technology applications, comprehensive all the conditions put together to conduct a comprehensive assessment, then look at the top 20 engine selection, which are the brand list.
1, Chevrolet
Chevrolet 1.5L four-cylinder naturally aspirated engine, and at the same time equipped with dual-motor hybrid system, equipped with compact class car Wo Lan Da, the engine has been selected Ward top ten engines, thanks to the Adjustable Coilovers new energy environmentally friendly model design, Its revolutionary unique concept makes electric cars into more families.
2, Chrysler
Chrysler 3.6L V6 naturally aspirated engine, also equipped with dual motor plug-in hybrid system, mounted on the Pacifica hybrid version, a hybrid MPV models, the American concept of repairer is really elusive.
3, Ford
Ford's 2.3T turbocharged four-cylinder engine, which is certainly a lot of people are particularly familiar with, mounted on the low-key small steel gun Fox on top of the RS, so irritable a core, the road encountered can not casually provoke.
4, Volvo
Volvo 2.0T turbo charged four-cylinder engine with twin machine, mounted on the V60 Polestar, although the brand is our Geely acquisition, but it is still a United States Department of the brand once, so the 2017 top ten engines Ward, the US Department gain four Quota.
5, Honda
Honda 2.0L four-cylinder naturally aspirated engine, equipped with dual-motor hybrid system, equipped with our familiar version of the Accord, for Honda's black technology, you must have used to.
6, Mazda
Mazda 2.5T turbocharged four-cylinder engine, mounted on the CX9, for a rotor engine and a variety of black technology Mazda, can only say that the brand technology research is very powerful, selling a little bit do not go heart.
7, Infiniti
Infiniti 3.0T V6 turbo engine, mounted on the Q50, a popular luxury brand, Infiniti's technology is still very powerful, and F1 Red Bull Racing has a lot of cooperation, particularly in the family car engine is very powerful brand, in 2017 Ward top ten engines, Japan occupies three places.
8, BMW
BMW 3.0T turbocharged inline six-cylinder engine, mounted on the M240i, BMW's straight-six engine is housekeeping techniques, known in the industry is quite large, as a frequent visitor to Ward's Ten Best Engines, appear Car Turbo here and not unusual.
9, Mercedes-Benz
Mercedes-Benz 2.0T turbocharged four-cylinder engine, mounted on the C300, as the originator of the Mercedes-Benz cars, only a four-cylinder engine barely squeezed into the list, and Germany also only occupy the top two places Ward, People are disappointed.
10, modern
Modern 1.4T turbocharged four-cylinder engine, mounted on one of the classic Elantra models as the automobile industry started later than we Korea, bluntly speaking, we made the car worse than too much, I do not know our own engine , When to enter the Ward top ten engine selection.



US Department of Commerce: Unmanned or will cause 3.8 million people to lose their jobs

A recent study by the US Department of Commerce shows that 15.5 million US workers' jobs will be affected by autopilot, equivalent to one-ninth of the total number of US workers, from the 2015 data. The study divides the 15.5 million of the affected workers into three categories: 3.8 million people who are likely to be unemployed and 11.7 million in adaptability.
Unmanned threat to 15.5 million US workers, estimated at 3.8 million unemployed
First, older, less educated, and relatively difficult to find jobs for other workers, it may be difficult to find jobs, especially if the work does not require too much Know the workers. In this group, the average age of 46 years, men accounted for as much as 88%, only 7.6% of people have undergraduate education.
This relatively low-skilled "simple driver", including trucks, cars, trains and ambulance drivers, as well as the salesman and so on. In 2015, there were about 3.8 million ordinary drivers Coilovers For Sale in the United States, accounting for 2.8% of the total, mainly in transportation and wholesale markets; their average annual salary of $ 36,500, lower than the average of the whole society of $ 48,300.
Unmanned threat to 15.5 million US workers, estimated at 3.8 million unemployed
On the other hand, contrary to the simple driver, the other driving areas work more complex and diverse, and have more knowledge and skills, although driving is one of their necessary jobs, but only they work a part of. They need to be exposed to more and more unconventional skills in their daily activities, and these workers are likely to adapt to the automatic driving and find their right place.
There are about 11.7 million newer drivers in need of advanced driving capacity, accounting for 8.5% more. Typical representatives of real estate agents, equipment, mechanics, family health care workers, etc., can be said that their work is usually not "driving", but the current work process (such as on-site service, etc.) need driving ability.
The average annual salary of the advanced driver is $ 46,700, close to the national average.
Therefore, the most vulnerable to automatic driving threat, is the ordinary delivery driver. In the "simple driver" group, the tractor and trailer drivers account for nearly half, followed by the freight driver, the school bus driver and the sales driver (the salesman).
The results of this study is not surprising, PricewaterhouseCoopers previously released a report also proved this point.
PricewaterhouseCoopers pointed out that the next 15 years, the UK will have nearly 30% of the jobs were artificial intelligence and robot replacement, Germany has 35%, the United States is as high as 38%. But Japan will be replaced by the post, only 21%. The reason is simple, Japan already has a high level of automation, and in the rest of the post, many of the skills and experience have a very high demand, unlike the United States, a lot of work is only fill in the form.
However, autopilot is not just the driver's job. If the "completely unmanned" vehicle, that is, completely do not need the driver's vehicle can really be achieved and popularized, not only the Uber shared travel reduced the cost of the driver becomes cheap, the car's capacity utilization will be greatly increased. The needs of the entire automotive market will change.
A year ago, Ford said it planned to launch a mass-produced "completely unmanned car" in 2021, pointing out that a completely unmanned car would dominate the market within ten years of its launch.
So, leaving the man to win the machine time, it seems not much.



One hour to sell 3,000, big step X7

As one of the highest attention models, the big step X7 at the beginning of the birth will become the market's most popular autonomous medium SUV. Not to mention the 15 days of orders over 10,000 success, but also in April 23, 2021 held in the "big and different, such as 7 and to the big step X7 12 provinces listed and 10,000 people robbed" staged a crazy scene. Just a short hour of time, twelve provinces accumulated orders 3086, can be described as the sale that is sold.
Although the Chinese SUV market is still out of the stage of vigorous development, but the various market segments have become saturated, how to highlight the tight encirclement has become a major car companies continue to think about important issues, but also to develop a corresponding marketing strategy, The core of the strategy is the three words - cost-effective - is also the Chinese consumers in the first time in the car to consider the factors. And the big step in this way Connecting Rods can be described as quite a good idea.
Big step X7 uses a very tough design style, 4736 * 1942 * 1672mm of the whole body size and 2850mm wheelbase, creating a wide body Coupe sedan SUV style, hardcore design is also quite please "control" consumers Of the favor. Wide-style design brings the benefits of not only the shape of the more powerful atmosphere, for the space to create a great help, making the big step X7 leg space can reach amazing 3 punches around, 1942mm width can be equipped with more spacious, More wrapped seats, making the big step X7 with the leading level of comfort.
In terms of power, the big step X7 is equipped with three turbocharged engines - 1.5T, 1.8T, 2.0T, matching the drive system for the 5-speed manual gearbox and 6-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox, also meet the current consumer The demand for T power and automatic gear. Which consists of 2.0T + DCT composed of efficient gold power, not only the power output smooth and timely, but also take into account the fuel economy, and further improve the consumer car experience, so get the market recognition and consumer favor.
Big step X7 biggest advantage than the price, as a magnificent image of the medium-sized SUV, its price is only 899,000 -16.19 million, with cross-level competition for consumers to bring the most affordable car Experience. At the same time, the big step X7 did not because of the "low price" on the configuration castration and deletion, and do not say the necessary ESP, LED daytime running lights, exterior mirrors heating function, electronic handbrake, car atmosphere lights , A key to start / keyless entry into the system and the rear air conditioning outlet, etc., more rare at the same level of welcome lights, knob-type shift, LCD instrumentation and other configurations, the "price" meaning to the extreme.
Not only that, now until August 31, big step forward "as long as 9980, big step back home" huge benefit activities: "bag card, tax package, insurance" all the way to open home!
It is reported that the activity is only three days more than 1200 sales, hot degree is evident.

Volkswagen Identified Id Crozz Electric Cars Will Be Put Into Operation In 2020

Volkswagen as soon as possible from the "emission door" in the haze of the redeemed, to speed up the investment in electric vehicles, in April this year at the Shanghai auto show debut of the popular brand "Crozz" will become the public's new electric car brand, Volkswagen plans to achieve the goal of selling one million electric vehicles per year in 2025, while ID Crozz Concept will play a very important role. According to the public news in 2020 the car will be the first to invest in China and North America Coilovers For Sale market
Volkswagen ID Crozz Concept will be available in 2020, the car is built on the VAG for the development of electric vehicles on the MEB platform. The car is positioned as an electric cross-border car, and can achieve full automatic driving, Crozz front and rear axle will be equipped with an electric motor, a total of a total output of 225kW / 302 horsepower maximum power, daily driving to take the back drive mode, Submarine and other modes can choose the full drive mode; battery design capacity of 83kWh lithium battery module, according to NEDC standard, the car will have not less than 500km of battery life, the maximum speed of 177 km, while supporting fast charging, design requirements In 30 minutes fast charge to 80% of the electricity.
ID Crozz Concept also includes a number of black technology, including the use of front door side open 90 degrees angle, rear door sliding back open way, so that passengers can easily access to the cockpit; cockpit interior H Beam Connecting Rods panoramic sunroof can be used to change the light Glass, steering wheel retraction function, cancel the physical keys, the new car media system, while the car may also be equipped with AR virtual reality function.


Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato

British super luxury car manufacturer Aston Martin officially announced Vanquish Zagato Volante roadster world starting, while Vanquish Zagato Speedster version and stunning four Vanquish Zagato hunting version (Shooting Brake) models will have been put into mass production. This is a new chapter in the sincere cooperation between Aston Martin and the Italian Zagato design studio, which is one of the most sustainable and creative partnerships in the global automotive industry.
Vanquish Adjustable Coilovers Zagato series will limit the production of 325, including a total of four models. The first model, the Vanquish Zagato Coupe, was first put into production later in 2016 and will begin production of the Vanquish Zagato Volante roadster. And Coupe coupe, Volante roadster production will also be strictly controlled at 99 (now all booked), plans to delivery in 2018 owners.
Limited production of 28 Speedster models are Vanquish Zagato series of the most rare models. As Aston Martin's most valuable collection, one of the most desirable works, Speedster version of the models are now all booked, is expected to be completed in 2018 delivery. The last model of the series - Vanquish Zagato Hunter Edition will be officially put into production in 2018, limited production of 99, Coupe and Volante convertible version of the number of consistent.
Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato models are based on Vanquish S build, equipped with V12 naturally aspirated engine, the maximum power output of 600 horsepower. Matched with the Touchtronic III gearbox, bringing a smooth, flexible, high-quality shift experience. Plus the adaptive suspension damping for each model, the Vanquish Zagato all-in-one models provide exceptional driving pleasure for customers, which is as impressive as the styling of the design.
The Speedster and Hunting models showcase two of the Vanquish Zagato series. Among them, Speedster version followed the convertible design, ultra-high performance roadster pure and exciting driving performance show most vividly. As the most daring design of the new car, the Speedster version raises the height of the rear posture arch, making the lines smoother, highlighting Zagato's iconic "double bubble" roof styling.
Like all other models, the Speedster version of all body panels are made of carbon fiber material, inspired by Aston Martin Vulcan's "blade" taillight design and Zagato design room iconic 3D stereo "Z" font before Air grille with Car Turbo rear vent grid. The combination of the two brands of iconic design for the Speedster version to create a remarkable style and temperament.
Hunting version of the same model using a two-seater design, is a unique style and practical high GT sports car. The new car roof with Zagato iconic "double bubble" design, extending back to the tail and embedded in the glass, for the cockpit to introduce more natural light. Sculpture of a strong roof line in the electric tailgate clever end. Open the electric tailgate to see the luxurious rear cabin and custom luggage components.
The new car interior features eye-catching chevrons designed carbon fiber panels, anodized copper control knobs, large area "Z" quilting and optional all-aniline leather decoration program. Hunting version of the style of outstanding, Coupe coupe, Volante roadster and Speedster version of the model formed a strong complement.
Power, the new car equipped with 6.0L V12 naturally aspirated engine, the maximum power of 600 horsepower. From standstill to 100 km / h only 3.5 seconds.


Luxury Car Full Electric Drive Volvo Maserati Started In 2019

In Volvo released in 2019 to achieve its fully electrified "rhetoric", there is a previous step in the luxury of luxury cars intended to follow this goal.
August 1, according to the British auto site "Auto Express" reported that Fiat - Chrysler (hereinafter referred to as FCA) CEO Sergio Marionne (Sergio Marchionne) recently pointed out in the investor conference call, starting from 2019, Maserati launched every new model will be equipped with some form of electric version. In order to achieve this goal, Maserati will launch the next two new models, the vast majority of the power system research and development funds are invested in the electric.
"We have been reluctant to embark on an electric road until we see a clear way," he added. "We are Carburetor for Sale known as" an integral part of FCA's future strategy, "he added. Development track.
As the demand for electric vehicles and spending imbalance, compared to other mainstream car manufacturers, FCA in the process of electric has shown a relatively negative attitude. In 2014, Marjorie even "exhort" consumers do not buy pure electric Fiat 500 models, because Fiat - Chrysler each sold a pure electric Fiat 500, it is necessary to lose 8300 pounds (about RMB 73,800 yuan).
And now, the car manufacturer has changed the "normal", and gives a very radical plan. Marjorie told investors and the media, from now on FCA will be fully started electrification, by 2020, FCA will have more than half of the models to achieve different levels of electricization, and in this group change Maserati brand will take a major duty of.
"When it (Maserati) completed the next two models of research and development work, its products will be actively to the electric change." Marjorine added that the current product in 2019 after the upgrade, the Maserati will be released Full electric version. "I personally think that they will be able to represent the industry's leading technology level."
It is reported that Maserati's first electric car will be Alfieri, this model debut at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show, according to the current plan, will be released in 2019, and launched in 2020 all-electric version. It is worth noting that the official debut from Alfieri has been six years since the time, Maserati's preparation time seems relatively long. In addition, Maserati's first SUV model Levante is also expected to learn from Chrysler hybrid Pacifica models of hybrid technology.
Maserati engineers have said they will not copy samples with Tesla. Maserati's pure electric car will have a branded wild style, adhering to the Maserati violent gene, to enhance the driving pleasure as the core.
In the entire automotive industry to the process of electrification, Maserati is not a precedent. A month ago, Volvo had just released an ambitious electrification program, which decided that all new models launched from 2019 would be all electric or hybrid cars and released five new pure electric vehicles by 2025. This means that the Swedish car manufacturer will end up in the past century with a fuel-driven era.
According to the plan, FCA will be held in early 2018 investor conference, and at that time outlined the future of the Group's specific product planning. However, for Marcheonne, FCA's five-year electrification process will seem to have been no longer in its hands, because the legendary leader has confirmed to the outside world that he will retire in 2019.


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