Automotive material trends steel is still the main light material difficult to reverse?

When the fuel consumption pressure step by step, when the mileage short board to be filled, to ease the weight of these two pressures have gradually become an important label of the new car, and compared to the structural optimization or manufacturing process upgrade, The focus of the parts and components business seems to be more on the development and application of lightweight materials, such as aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy, carbon fiber and other composite materials used. And from the current point of view, with the concept of lightweight heating continues, traditional materials will face a wide range of future updates and replacement, and lightweight materials will also set off a new wave of fierce competition.
2025 years ago, automotive materials will continue to steel-based
According to statistics, in recent years the production of an ordinary car, the main material weight ratio is roughly: 65% -70% of steel, non-ferrous metals 10% -15%, about 20% of non-metallic materials. It is undeniable that under the influence of the lightweight trend, a variety of new materials, such as light metal materials, composite materials will be more and more used in modern cars, and it is difficult to squeeze some of the traditional automotive materials accounted for.
Recently held in the second session of the new trend of new materials and materials development forum, FAW Supervisor Tian Hongfu once again shared the "energy and new energy vehicle technology road map" on the development of lightweight materials goals. It mentioned that by 2030, the application of high-strength steel increased significantly, more than 350 kg of aluminum bicycles, bicycles with magnesium alloy to 45kg, carbon fiber usage accounted for 5% of vehicle weight. In addition, although there is no clear engineering plastics and Turbocharger composite materials, but in the technical path that will vigorously promote its application in the car.
Steel has always been the most important vehicle material, even in the lightweight requirements of today, this pattern has not changed. Tian Hongfu is clearly pointed out that in 2025, the proportion of steel in the automotive application will still be more than 50%. Of course, the steel here is more refers to the high-strength steel, which is based on the ordinary steel to further enhance the performance, to achieve weight loss and improve the safety of the impact of the impact, in the car chassis beam reinforcement plate, suspension bracket, engine Stents and other components widely used. Although its cost compared to ordinary steel has increased, but compared to other light materials is still more advantages, the industry for the next five years or even longer development focus.
Lightweight material growth is accelerating, but there are still limitations
Aluminum alloy will be used only after the amount of steel, this material in addition to some structural parts, stamping parts, can also be used for cars, body and so on. Relevant data show that in 2014 China's average daily use of aluminum bicycles about 92kg, Europe and the United States with 100kg of aluminum vehicles. According to the relevant agencies, aluminum in the car in the use of space up to 540kg, can make the car weight loss of 40%. From this, aluminum alloy in the application of the car there is still a lot of space, of course, this also depends on its cost breakthrough.
Magnesium alloy is the most commonly used metal structure of a material, its density is about 2/3 of aluminum, steel 1/4, at the same time with high strength, high elastic modulus, etc., in the automotive applications in the same Rise, currently in the car wheels, intake manifold, clutch, transmission shell, gear box and so on more applications. However, due to cost and related technical reasons, the current consumption of automotive magnesium alloy is not large. Relevant data show that China's automobile average magnesium is about 3kg, North Car Turbo American cars with an average of less than 10 kg of magnesium, but according to the American Automotive Materials Association is expected, with the magnesium alloy technology mature and lightweight demand increased to 2020 Year, the North American production of automotive magnesium alloy will reach 160kg.
As a lightweight material with excellent performance such as lightweight, safety, comfort and reliability, the prospects for carbon fiber materials are highly promising, but there are obviously a number of challenges at the current stage, the most important of which is the high cost. It is understood that the same is 1 kg of material, steel to be 0.8-1 US dollars, aluminum to be 2.4-2.6 dollars, while the carbon fiber is as high as 20-30 dollars, almost 20 times the steel. Relevant data show that the industry has adopted modified asphalt, lignin preparation, polyolefin preparation, high-strength PANCF raw wire, energy-saving processing energy and other technologies to reduce carbon fiber production costs. But from the industry level, to achieve large-scale applications, there is still a long way to go.
Talk about the cost of more security, car weight should not be too hasty
According to last year's "energy-saving and new energy vehicle technology road map" proposed by the development of lightweight technology ideas, mainly in three stages to achieve the car's annual weight loss. The first phase is 2016 years - 2020, the vehicle than the 2015 weight loss of 10%. The second phase is 2021 - 2025, the vehicle than in 2015 to reduce weight 20%. The third stage is 2026 - 2030, to achieve vehicle weight loss than 2015 35%.
Tian Hongfu said that in accordance with the current lightweight development and trends, the above objectives can be said to be based on, can be achieved. Of course, as the Beijing auto industry Zhong Guangliang during the meeting to accept Geshi Automotive reporter said that the realization of these goals is not without pressure. In other words, this is the need to car effort to do business.
Indeed, the industry has been looking forward to the rapid development of lightweight cars, but it does not seem easy. The first is the cost of the problem, most of the light materials are facing this factor constraints. Zhong Guangliang also said that relative to the technical breakthrough, the cost of Coilover Suspension the pressure brought about by the greater pressure. In addition to the cost, there is a problem can not be ignored, that is, car safety, despite a long time to let the industry understand the car weight and car safety is not proportional, but the emergence of new lightweight lightweight materials for testing and other aspects Did put forward new demands.
Yuhai Long, technical manager of Tsinghua University, Suzhou Automotive Research Institute said that now the automotive materials such as high-strength steel, aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy, plastic materials and other materials compared to the traditional body of a significant increase in the application of these different materials in the car we need Material has a good understanding, and ultimately the appropriate materials used in the right place.
He pointed out that these new materials have different mechanical properties, such as under the impact of large deformation under the impact of anisotropy and fracture failure and traditional materials are not the same, there are materials, strength, failure characteristics and other aspects also need to be tested The And only to their characteristics of the study clear, to be able to apply to the material to what parts to do a reference and basis.
However, the good news is that although the lack of lightweight material, "small" breakthrough, but "small" progress, such as Faurecia's seat lightweight program, Pan Asia's insulation materials and Solvay's Technyl high-performance materials Wait. It is undeniable that these small progress is the key to achieving the goal of lightweight car.

The whole system is equipped with turbo cruise

In the hearts of many people, hatchback seems to be as luxurious as a sedan or SUV is so extreme. There are millions of cars are very few hatchback price of more than 300,000. That is cool R this steel cannon hatchback can also sell high prices. Audi A3, BMW 1 Series, Mercedes-Benz A-level price, but more than 20 million. Even today we have to say that this luxury hatchback price is only 13/14 million, he is DS 4S.
From the appearance of view, DS 4S design is extremely sophisticated, looks like a luxury jewelry, Air Suspension Bags especially the headlights and taillights and wheels design, called talent, very stylish, refined, beautiful, beautiful, advanced, the atmosphere.
Interior parts, DS 4S called luxury, work materials is completely leapfrog existence, a large number of NAPPA leather applications than the 500,000 Audi A6, E class also kind, a sense of luxury.
In terms of size, 4435 * 1843 * 1510mm body and 2715mm wheelbase also has a good space performance.
Power, it is equipped with a 1.2T, 1.6T, 1.8T three turbocharged engine, the whole system matching 6-speed manual gearbox.
DS4S this car also has a good margin of preference, entry-type version of the terminal sale price of about 130,000 yuan, 1.6T to 15 million or so, to be honest, if you go to see the real car, that will think it Cost more than the end of the burst 1 series / A3 these cars.

Racing nothing to life and death racing higher than life and death?

As a media to promote the culture of the car, whenever someone said that China did not car culture, they could not help but refute. Indeed, China does not have hundreds of years of European history of car making, no United States is known as the wheel of the country's national base, although the vast majority of Chinese people, with the first car time has not more than 10 years, but already a large number of senior love Car people to join the car movement, and the car is no doubt the core of the automotive culture.
Yes, maybe you often watch exciting racing races on TV, and when racing machines are speeding up on the track, you should know that racing is not only a sport of speed, but also a systematic Of the athletic, both for the racing driver or car, have a very stringent test.
Only for ordinary people, the opportunity to contact the car this movement is not much. It does not have a broad mass base of ball games that have flowed around the world. Racing because of high technical content, training and competition costs coupled with the venue constraints, for the majority of fans has been a high threshold movement to FAW-Volkswagen's high 7 cars, for example, only the cost of cycling close to 7 million. And this time we introduced the CRC (China Car Rally Championship) is also a high risk factor, the stadium is known for hard work, of course, it is also one of the most exciting car races.
FAW - Volkswagen is one of the earliest participants in the domestic rally event. In 1999, at the beginning of the CRC, FAW - Volkswagen racing began to campaign, and the car was built on Jetta. And then Bora, Golf 4, the old Sagitar, Golf 6, the new Sagitar, Golf 7 and other models have appeared in the CRC track, FAW - Volkswagen is one of the few teams have always been involved in the CRC tournament team, is also the CRC Carburetor race to get The highest number of teams. While the Golf 7 car in the 2014 season after adding CRC, the CRCCar performance will be promoted to the world's top rally WRCCar level. It can be said, FAW - Volkswagen witnessed the birth of CRC, accompanied by the growth of CRC, to promote the development of CRC.
Since 2006, FAW - Volkswagen's chief driver is also the team manager Chen Dean, has gradually become the domestic car in the field of pivotal name. After a series of gains, every day living in the blood of the acceleration and exhaust roar of Chen Dean, but it becomes more calm. In Chen Dean heart, FAW - Volkswagen is FAW - Volkswagen racing culture directly reflected. As FAW - Volkswagen racing culture of the communicator, the team every staff need to have a sense of responsibility and mission.
As the first to participate in the domestic CRC event, and put a lot of manpower, material and financial resources of the car business, FAW - Volkswagen in the "champion team", but also with the team through a variety of forms to show racing culture.
And long-term support and participation in the CRC, but also to FAW-Volkswagen's public models to accept and complete the rigorous test of the event, showing FAW - Volkswagen deep repairer, but also given a production model strong sports gene.
In this year's CRC opener Zhangye stadium, FAW - Volkswagen team's luck is not really good, before the main foreign aid Atkinson contract expires, new foreign aid Mark Higgins, although the strength of outstanding, but after all, the familiar degree of the car Not enough, although half of the time when the game has been pulled out of the second close to a minute gap, but in the Galaxy stage from the end of only 1 km of the track sudden mechanical failure. Chief driver Chen Dean also in the last day of the game suffered a mechanical failure unfortunately retired, but fortunately teammate Li Guojin, with rich experience and excellent psychological quality to play a stable, and ultimately runner-up.
Zhangye station has been settled, but the 2017 season CRC has just begun. Now, FAW - Volkswagen has begun to prepare for the next race of the game, CRC tournament will step by step into the climax, I believe FAW - Volkswagen team can bring you more exciting game.

Celebrate The 40th Birthday Of The 7 Series

To celebrate the 40th birthday of the 7 Series, BMW will show off a limited-edition model at the Frankfurt Motor Show this September. Only 200 copies of the BMW 7 Series Edition 40 Jahre will be produced.
The limited-edition sedans come with an M Aerodynamics package, high-gloss Shadow Line exterior trim, 20-inch alloy wheels, and special badging on the B-pillar coverings and on the door sills. Two exterior colors are available: Frozen Silver Metallic and a dark blue Petrol Mica Metallic.
Inside, look Turbo Charger for two-tone full leather seats in either Smoke White/Cohiba or Smoke White/Black. The cabin features black piano lacquer accents or Eucalyptus straight-grained Smoke Brown wood accents depending on the color of the upholstery. Along with a Smoke White roof liner, the model also offers comfort seats, two Smoke White comfort cushions, and Smoke White floor mats. More badging can be found on the dashboard area, headrests, and other places.
Now in its sixth generation, the 7 Series is currently BMW’s flagship sedan. The new version utilizes carbon fiber reinforced plastic to save weight and ushered in new technologies such as gesture controls. The base turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six produces 322 hp, while a twin-turbo 4.4-liter V-8 ups the ante to 445 hp. A plug-in hybrid utilizes a 2.0-liter inline-four and an electric motor to make 322 hp, and at the other end of the spectrum, the V-12 makes a whopping 601 hp.
The BMW 7 Series Edition 40 Jahre will be available with six-, eight-, and twelve-cylinder engines and in standard or long-wheelbase form. BMW tells us that a select number of models are coming here to the U.S., although exact specs and pricing details are not yet available.

Five Mistake Which Owners Make Often Bond To Engine Short-Lived

For the car, the engine is the heart of the car, so the engine maintenance of good and bad directly affect the performance of the car and its life. Experts said that the owners of the five most concerned about the crime is a direct result of car owners have "heart disease" reasons.
Not timely maintenance
Often people always like to invest a lot of money on the conversion, but it is easy to ignore the maintenance of the engine on schedule. According to experienced auto repair master said that in their handling of the car, the vehicle due to poor engine maintenance caused by failure of the total failure of 50%. Visible engine maintenance to extend vehicle life can play a vital role. Of course, will give you to reduce unnecessary Coilovers For Sale losses, or how will there be "to raise repair" this argument.
Reminder: not only in the regular maintenance period to carry out the maintenance of the engine, driving in some particularly wet or dust particularly large areas, the relevant parts of the engine to do some inspection and maintenance.
Oil deterioration and oil filter is poor
Different levels of lubricants in the use of oil will change the process. After the vehicle is running for a certain mileage, the performance deteriorates and may cause problems to the engine. In order to avoid the occurrence of these failures, should be combined with the use of conditions on a regular basis to the car oil, and moderate oil, generally to the upper and lower limits of the oil scale as well.
When the oil passes through the pores of the oil filter element, the solid particles and the sticky material in the oil are accumulated in the filter. Such as filter clogging, the oil can not pass through the filter, will expand the filter or open the safety valve, through the bypass valve, still bring dirt back to the lubrication parts, to accelerate the engine wear, internal pollution intensified. So the regular replacement of the oil filter is equally important.
Reminder: Do not add less oil, but do not add more, not the more expensive brand-name synthetic oil the better, for your car's oil is the best.
Air filter blockage
The engine intake system is mainly composed of two parts: air filter and intake pipe. According to the different use of the situation, to regularly clean the air filter, the method can be used to blow high pressure air from the inside to blow the dust in the filter. As the air filter for the Coilovers paper, so when blowing should pay attention to the pressure of the air can not be too large, so as not to damage the filter. The air filter should generally be replaced after three times of cleaning. The cleaning cycle can be determined by the air quality of the daily driving area.
Reminder: the purchase of good quality manufacturers to provide the original factory is also very important air filter.
The intake pipe is dirty
If the vehicle is often driven by more dust, poor air quality of the road area, it should be careful to clean the intake pipe to ensure that the air flow. The intake duct is very important for the normal operation of the engine. If the air intake pipe is dirty, it will lead to the decrease of the efficiency, so that the engine can not run in the normal output power range, exacerbate the engine wear and aging.
Reminder: as far as possible less dust and more areas, at the same time, air conditioning grid should pay attention to replacement.
The engine is heating up at idle speed
This is a lot of riders often make a problem, the engine with idle speed, because the speed is very low, the oil pump can not quickly hit the engine interior of the various sections, which will make the engine internal parts in the No friction in the environment of friction running, resulting in increased probability of wear. And this time the fuel will be because the temperature is too low and not very good atomization. So that there is no burning of thousands of fuel fleeing into the crankcase, will accelerate the damage to components.
Reminder: should be a few seconds after the start of the engine with a fast turn to heat up.


Tesla Model 3 Is More Secure Without Dashboard?

As we all know, Tesla Model 3 canceled the dashboard in front of the driver. So the question came, for no dashboard of the car, when driving should be how to operate it? Is 40,000 scheduled Model 3 prospective owners are able to adapt and adapt to it? According to the driver to understand, recently Tesla engineers for everyone to demonstrate how safe and easy to drive Model 3, and that there is no dashboard design, will make the driver more secure, night driving more open.
According to the car to win understanding, Tesla had announced Model 3 to cancel the driver's position in front of the dashboard, leaving only the control 15-inch LCD touch screen design style. This looks of course cool and full of science and technology, but for the owners who really used it? In particular, did not drive the Tesla car, but it is scheduled to Model 3 hundreds of thousands of owners, they are very lacking the actual driving Tesla car experience.
Tesla CEO Elon Musk insists that the driver "will not care" (no instrument panel Model 3), but for most people, (no dashboard) will still be a new Of the driving experience.
Recently, two Tesla owners in the United States, California Fremont Racing Connecting Rods (Fremont) - Tesla Model factory, happened to encounter a Tesla engineers are doing the test on Model 3, including driving control, long-distance driving And so on.
I asked him not in the steering wheel in front of the dashboard is not too accustomed to him (the Tesla engineer) said you will soon be accustomed to only the right touch screen design style. He said that there was no dashboard in front of the driver in the evening, but it was safe because there was no glare and a complicated dashboard, especially for night driving. So he can concentrate on driving on the road, and even think that this design for the driver night vision better.
Of course, Model 3 LCD screen with the Model S and Model X is not the same. Driving brother found, Model 3 LCD screen is divided into left and right design, Cheap Coilover the left side of the vehicle information, it is equivalent to the previous Model S in the driver's position dashboard. So, if you are not accustomed to Model 3 no dashboard, then look at the upper left corner of the control LCD screen on it.
Of course, this may not be the final design of Model 3, but less than a week the first Model 3 is about to be delivered to the owner (the first batch of July 28 delivery), obviously there will be no major changes, or changes will be Later versions are reflected.
Mask said, "The more autonomy you are, the less information you need." How often do you watch a dashboard when you take a taxi? "It seems Massk is very confident about this design.
In any case, the design of Tesla's design, does represent the future of car design trends, such as through the phone to control any function of the car, as well as the car's internal and external design.
On Friday (July 28), all new design changes for Model 3 will be made public. We will soon understand all the new design of Tesla Model 3.


How Much The Power Of The Car Puncture

Before the explosion, this black Land Rover Range Rover off the road car is waiting for the green light traffic signal. Green light is lit, the 5.0T displacement of the Land Rover by virtue of the engine function advantage instantaneous speed, the other car is far behind, and then outside the car about 3 seconds after the sudden attack, explosion instantaneous fire, the body Local skin blown to fly on both sides of the road, this black Land Rover then hit the road after the two fence stopped.
Attack the Land Rover Range Rover off the road ahead of the front wheel made a puncture, from the scene pictures can clearly see the left front wheel tires have been completely damaged, fit the characteristics of the puncture. According to the chaos owners of the argument, the driver in front of the green light instantly to the oil too often, start the tire and the friction between the air and the rapid increase, coupled with the car tire did not change the time, wear more ferocious situation, eventually incurred Puncture the attack.
That many people will ask: the truth I understand, but I have encountered bursts of the incident, how did not like the video of the Land Rover Connecting Rods On Sale as a serious incidental injury it? This small ... ... Xiaobian also can not tell everyone the answer, Xiaobian guess is able to puncture the moment of the impact of the macro detonated the driver's rear airbag attack device, the police also revealed that the investigation Land Rover off-road vehicles in the explosion after the airbag has been ejected, and the airbag attacker after the impact of external shocks have a complete explosion can occur, the explosive power is enough to blow the body parts.
This is the real reason for the chaos, we still the main argument to the main, do not pretend to guess. Our focus is that the impact of the puncture of the moment the impact of the moment is very large, this is no doubt. According to the test data show that the tires of tire tires can reach 10kg / cm ?, no less than the size of the city night fountain eruption pressure, can imagine the pressure of a large gap from a small gap when the power of the release of how much The Remember that there is a video before the Internet, there is a small youth in order to ask for maintenance fees to pull the knife to cut tires, the consequences were instantly fried, blood flow, such as note.
The power of the puncture is really very large, usually must pay attention to the tire of the maintenance, every time before driving as much as possible to reflect on the tire situation, especially before the high-speed, found serious wear, tire pressure normal, sidewall drums and other puncture precursor Real time to change tires. In addition, the best time to change their homework, do not be in the side of the indecent, many new tires inflatable can also be puncture, the demand for special attention.