Honda F1 may buy the Ferrari engine

Honda F1 team boss Ross Brawn recently confirmed to the media that he is working with his old employer Ferrari contact customers want to get the engine from Ferrari. He also revealed that there are several potential buyers are in consultation with Honda for sale issues. Ross Brown bluntly, Honda had he made it clear that, regardless of who takes over the team, Honda F1 engine Aftermarket Auto Parts in the future are no longer available. This was his Ferrari had to "help" the main reason.


Englishman said he and Ferrari has not signed any of the written agreement, but the conversation itself is very pleasant. Ferrari Chairman Luca di Montezemolo and Stefano Domenicali leader meet, like the same old class reunion, "They still treat me like one of us," said Ross Brawn pleased. Ross Brown also emotionally told reporters that now the main task is to keep the current job Honda F1 team staff, as his office, or if you can find the highest bidder, these are not important. But what was asked a few buyers are negotiating with him when "I can only say much more than a" simple answer is that Ross Brawn. On the current situation, he's led the team next season to rejoin the possibility of development and testing before the start unlikely.


For them, can survive is already a Shangshang, and Ross Brawn can not expect such a quick return to normal operation of the fleet. What's more, even with Ferrari "help", to match the new engine Adjustable Coilovers requires at least six weeks time, and the engines fitted to the car in the road test, there are a lot of work to do. The implication is that Honda will inevitably miss the 2009 season, which accumulate energy force of 2010.