Chongqing will build the BMW 800CC engine

China's first motorcycle BMW 4S store - Basha treasure off thinking international club evening of February 27 in Nanping riverbank geniss first opened. Reporters learned at the event, Loncin Group and BMW's existing cooperation in areas of production from 650CC motorcycle engines, and gradually expand to 800CC 1200CC. Relevant sources, If everything goes smoothly, the second half of this year, BMW will achieve 800CC engine made in Chongqing, while 1200CC engine manufacturers are expected to start next year. It is understood that Basha treasure off thinking international investment club is Loncin, authorized to operate BMW BMW Auto Performance Parts motorcycle dealer for the main business of BMW K, R, and other series motorcycles, the price of 156 000 -35 million worth of room.


In order to allow more fans to experience the BMW BMW charm, the club also launched an experiential way --- motorcycle driver's license people to spend 200-500 dollars to test drive a BMW motorcycle. As a representative of four coupe models, can be linked into seventh gear at 8000rpm BMW M5 is quite addictive, understated appearance and dynamic deep indeed in line with those who do not like the publicity of consumer choice, 500 horsepower it is sufficient to give the driver confidence. BMW M5 equipped with 5.0-liter V10 engine from F1 racing technology, the maximum output power of 507 hp / 7750rpm, M models kept up the tradition of power over 100 horsepower, while the maximum engine speed can reach astonishing 8250rpm. V10 engine maximum torque of 520N • m / 6100rpm, you can easily output at 3500rpm under 450N • m.


Even more exciting is that cash M5 also offers a six-speed manual gearbox assembly models, which undoubtedly can satisfy those ultimate driving enthusiast. Today, from the BMW M series car Turbocharger Kits is still in the game with a brilliant record keeping, has arrived in China M5, M6, and in November of this year before the launch of the sixth generation M3 models are in the game has decent performance. M5 E60 which Nürburgring track in lap 8 minutes and 10 seconds, while the M5 E39 is 8 minutes and 29 seconds.