BMW M235i change speed to 300km / h

If this year's popular BMW M235i coupe model, estimated that no people have opinions. This car powered by 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder turbocharged engine's maximum power can reach 430 horsepower and a top speed of 300km / h ...... Hey, it seems wrong, it should be the maximum power 320 hp and a top speed of 250km / h it ? no mistake, this is a modified version of the 430-horsepower manufacturers MANHART modified for M235i latest product, called "MH2 Clubsport".


Front spoiler and rear diffuser, rear wing is made entirely of carbon fiber aerodynamic be some small help. Carbon fiber mirror housings may not make the car faster, but can become more beautiful. MANHART also changed its set of "running shoes", 19-inch "Concave One" wheels with Michelin Pilot Super Sport's top high-performance tires, as well as six-piston front brake system up and fall upon a powerful 430 horsepower. Power, they applied for a vehicle control system to optimize the Turbocharger Kits work, and increased in the cold in order to better cool the engine air intake.


Bilateral double out 90mm diameter stainless steel exhaust also comes from MANHART hand, in order to avoid the original exhaust for increased power constraints. Other enhancements as well as adapt to higher transmission power of the clutch, it may shock absorber to adjust the cutter teeth, and a limited-slip differential lock rate dynamically adjustable between 0-100%. Thus, the original 320 horsepower M235i, the maximum power increased to 430 horsepower, top speed of up to 300km / h.


This can be said is designed to "track enthusiast" design kit also includes a pair of RECARO racing seats, two-point harness and a very complete roll cage. In order to install this rollcage, MANHART removed the rear seat Connecting Rods, the M235i became a two car completely. Rollcage has been carefully designed to ensure maximum safety of the occupants in the event of an accident, but the manufacturing and installation process of this design are very complex. Driving operating system changes include redesigned handbrake handle, the new head of the shift and after BMW Motorsport optimizes throttle response curve.