Mercedes explore the limits DGR shock

According to the owners of the reaction, the current E50 AMG's suspension system uses a combination of KONI yellow bucket + LORINSER short spring, perhaps too large E50 AMG body's sake, this shock combination in the daily performance of the high-speed driving is not very stable, owners want to be able to replace a set at high speed, is still able to maintain a good road feel, high performance suspension system, and has a "gravity of the practitioner," the title of the DGR unscrewing suspension Shock Absorbers product is clearly one of the best.


Shape comparison, we can find E50 AMG applicable DGR barrels are compared with dampers KONI yellow barrels, more robust, I believe in actual use to better meet the owners for control of the pursuit; DGR product in order to ensure durability, DGR particular for the production of products for the core barrel with rust-proof electrical processing, and selected Japan NOK oil seals, oil seals, but the quality as much as possible to prevent oil spills and other undesirable phenomena resulting clearance;


DGR using SAE9254 steel imports to build supporting spring, so it has excellent stability and extremely long life, straight style spring design is more emphasis on improving the handling performance, in terms of comfort will be sacrificed, but for hard and soft and adjustable height suspension Connecting Rods DGR cutter teeth who want both performance and comfort is not difficult. Up to 30 hard and soft segments to adjust the settings to meet the different owners, different vehicles for various needs of different road conditions, low height adjustable bucket may choose to lower or lift ride height according to the owner wishes to achieve both performance and comfort purposes.