Honda CR-Z TYPE-C RS wheels upper body

In recent years, as people's energy conservation, enhancement and oil prices rising environmental awareness, equipped with a hybrid system model is being recognized more and more riders and support, which has more popular Toyota Prius, Lexus CT200h, etc.


models, of course, but also to shape a unique and avant-garde design, known for the Honda CR-Z. Located in the two-door hatchback coupe Honda CR-Z in terms of appearance panoramic sunroof good continuation of the old section of the CR-X, the small windows and standing over the eye that memorable truncated tail style design elements in power, 1.5 L inline four-cylinder engine Aftermarket Auto Parts for the CR-Z offers the highest power output of 83kW and 144N • m, with the 10kW / 78N • m motor vehicle weight of only 1204kg for the CR-Z, it is also pretty enough.


The only possibility is not to force the original 16-inch wheels and 195/55 R16 tires matching, in terms of appearance or the actual performance, are not in line with the two-door hatchback coupe that capacity, is also unable to meet the owner of the trends and individual needs, so the CR-Z for some modification is granted. Also from Japan's SSR produced TYPE-C RS Series wheel in appearance with a six-spoke design, visually gives a fuller strong feelings, the two-piece wheels via SSF semi-solid melting forging technology and HTM heat after a stronger overall rigidity and thickness smaller wheels.


SSF molten semi-solid forging techniques may be referred to one of the highest technical aluminum alloy forging process Turbocharger Kits, this technology can effectively remove impurities in the raw materials of the oxide, the material of the hub is more pure components, to further enhance the quality of the hub, to achieve the hub high-precision, lightweight, durable characteristics. Bring the benefits of lightweight wheels are very clear, not only to accelerate the vehicle more sensitive, for enhancing vehicle handling performance is also important to help.