Mitsubishi EVO9 (CT9A) highly sought after

Mitsubishi EVO cars in particular is recognized as the EVO 9 temporarily unable to transcend generations, because evil spicy appearance and excellent mechanical properties and highly sought after. More fans, EVO owners are naturally enriched, EVO will continue to evolve in a different direction, rare is, EVO 9 is indeed capable of performing a wide variety of games are played.


It is undoubtedly a paved road can sprint Street Fighter, it can take off from the tail WRC descent followed press down on the ground to play Hella Flush, often and love to kill one of the Impreza STi put together Pose photo shows the base situation, can also be used as 4G63 ultimate evolution farewell gesture to be covered up to the original, but that can be thrown at the vast expanse of wild play with dirt and small series run rally ...... favorite race is the venue where swagger can in any event where folk can be the color of the field racing games are played.


Aero battle grid is set too tight muscle 4G63, emitting a high temperature turbine racing coilovers, Xuepen mouth inside shining coldness in the cold, the original form of five people can ride in the cockpit was demolished only motorists who designed an exhaust pipe emitted a flame, thunder and galloped off, as a pure man to fight the same way. There are strong and durable 4G63 and intelligent AWD system, as long as the modified properly, EVO9 on the track can easily become a giant killer, as Japan's leading lap artifact Cyber EVO. Of course, that can play a hundred percent EVO fighting force is that it must take refuge in one of the stores converted skillful. This allows the car and the track playing time wandering in the extreme edge of the engine H beam Connecting Rods, once the conversion technology, however, even if proven 4G63, inevitably fall into utter hopelessness.


So Speedway is a touchstone, to insist on playing the car and get a stable performance of converted stores, modification techniques can get to speak to the trophy. Of course, technology is adapted to serve the needs of owners, not every owner can spend big bucks to be converted into a race car pyramid members, he could have just enjoyed a sense of excitement and soaring racing compete with people adrenaline levels. So, we see the car in front of the car there be light changed and rational upgrade black EVO 9.