Nissan Cefiro (A31) engine power

We introduced in previous articles, many people actually buy it buy A31 chassis (Overall, the transmission system is broken chassis). If you do not change the engine if the importing country's A31 original carburetor engine modification basically no potential at all, there is no strong engine power backing, no doubt, is difficult for the person holding the steering wheel cab. A31 did not want to fall because of lack of horsepower output embarrassed now.


After a trade-off, the owner chose to A31 of the Skyline RB20DET inline six-cylinder DOHC 24V engine, the engine with a turbocharger, relatively naturally aspirated, the former can instantly broke out big horsepower required to achieve drift. Moreover, A31 itself is in use RB series engines, and need not worry the problems fixed pin dress RB20DET engine Turbocharger Kits, drive shaft requires little modification. Of course, outside RB20DET, you can choose a larger displacement of another RB, many NISSAN RB series family members, depending on the individual needs or budget.


The head is larger than the original installation T3T4 turbo cylinder head near the open position, the corresponding reference turbine is about 400 horsepower. Because T3T4 just a single turbine, the exhaust gas banana intake mushrooms (and pipes), and in the cold after the pipeline owners had their own match. Currently the maximum turbo boost the value set in 0.8Bar, if you press the popular algorithms included low supercharged 0.5 below, then 0.8Bar belongs in a high pressurized, owners have experienced, RB20DET also force to cope with this supercharged model.


But the problem is that 0.8 will undoubtedly fuel supply system Connecting Rods put forward higher requirements. Thus, the owner of the system chosen 280L / H of the pump, 1000cc injectors, SARD fuel pressure regulator, etc., give a strong support to the intake system. If there are ways to find a large fuel tank, then or will be icing on the cake. In contrast with the latter is more suitable for large turbines, but hit a large area can be obtained with the help of the wind effect under the new bumper.