Aggressive version - the Audi A7

Audi A7 is a feeling that we feel is more than technology, still slightly less aggressive? Do not worry, Queen tuner ABT will render you a new version of the Audi brutal A7. Whether you possessed the Audi brand, or modified in the field also, I believe you ABT, the public must be familiar with this Queen modified plants can no longer familiar! Whatever the model, even if you hand out a DTM Audi saloon car, as long as he is from Volkswagen's, ABT will be able to provide you with a complete set of mature conversion program!


but this time, we have to force the ABT his eyes focused on the last year has just released the Audi models A7sportback him to look at me to see , ABT can bring what surprises us First thing that catches our eye is this a gorgeous body kit Turbocharger Kits, new design of front and rear bumpers, side skirts busty perfect body curves would have been spread to the rear, the tail coat and four chrome lip design that perfectly express a after the sharp eyes of fellow hard-edged personality! installation of a 20 or 21-inch rims, a sense of the power of the whole car suddenly born Of course, aggressive appearance alone is not enough to drop Bluff, ABT also that a few heart A7 conducted extensive surgery.


3.0 supercharged diesel engine Connecting Rods was abruptly from 245 to tune to 300; and in the past have had on the full 300 horsepower V6 TFSI is being squeezed out of the new 420-horsepower twin-turbo diesel engine from! the original 313 rose to a peak power directly jump up 360, the power really is withering press was almost a sense of surging power gushing out!