BMW 2 series introduced Gran Tourer

BMW Gran Tourer 2 series can be seen as two series of seven versions of the BMW Active Tourer, the two models of front design remained the same, the biggest difference is that the shape of the rear part of the uplift. Overall, the BMW 2 series Gran Tourer shape fuller, richer space. Body size, the BMW Gran Tourer 2 Department of length and breadth were 4556/1800 / 1608mm, wheelbase 2780mm. Inside, the BMW Gran Tourer uses two series of seven 2 + 3 + 2 layout, the second row of seats can be scaled down 40:20:40 and provide for the front and rear seats slide movement, while the third -row seats can be used is 50:50 seat recline very high degree of flexibility.


Power, the car is still equipped with a four-cylinder turbocharged three-cylinder gasoline engine Aftermarket Auto Parts and diesel engine. 1.5T petrol engine which will include three-cylinder turbocharged engine and four-cylinder turbocharged engine 2.0T, 2.0T diesel engine include diesel engines. In addition, BMW will also 220d diesel engine equipped with 2.0T models equipped with four-wheel drive system.


2 Department of BMW Gran Tourer offer consumers greater interior space and more passenger demand. Future car will also import the domestic market, and now in the market which has not a luxury brand 7 home MPV models H beam Connecting Rods, so the two series Gran Tourer not the most direct competitors.