POLO personalized performance modifications

Although the appearance of modification allows POLO amazing, but now a lot of car enthusiasts is more desirable to enhance the car's performance. This can be converted from a mechanical part of the car to start, mainly body modification, engine power, gearbox transmission, suspension, brakes and electronic control systems. (A) Starter Edition. When it comes to vehicle power conversion generally will first talk about the ignition, intake and exhaust system modifications, this method is relatively simple to change.



(1) the spark plug. Better to replace spark plugs, spark plug ignition enables robust, fuel, and can prolong life.

(2) exhaust pipe. High-performance exhaust pipes make play even more superior engine performance, and therefore are subject to the exhaust pipe has been modified fan attention.

(3) the air filter. The air filter can effectively improve intake efficiency of the engine Adjustable Coilovers, increase engine power. After the installation, obviously feeling significantly improved engine power, speed and powerful. Program Comments: This entry-level domestic power conversion has been very common. Owners converted their own power when the car will generally choose this modification, spent 6,000 yuan, the car converted to run after, acceleration performance has improved significantly. But also know how to match, like too strong for ignition piston will cause a certain degree of damage vary by car.


(B) upgrade. If you feel that not enough merely to improve acceleration performance, then you can also start the engine in terms of power, gearbox transmission, suspension, brakes and electronic control systems.

(1) brakes. POLO structural design of the brake system is simple, but its workload is not small. It modification generally include: brake discs, brake pads, brake steel jets, after modification can greatly enhance braking performance.

(2) chassis suspension. Suspension system Connecting Rod is the biggest factor related to traffic control and stable, while the chassis suspension system modified shock absorbers are most people choose, because the impact is greatest.

(3) an electronic control system. Change the AC adapter, HKS ground, which can increase the speed performance of the car.

(4) parallel bars. To increase vehicle stability.