The new intake and exhaust system rebuilds

People increasingly into the car home, car modification are getting closer and closer to us, some owners feel slow engine response, and some owners think the whirring noise of vehicles was interesting. These vehicles are involved in the intake and exhaust system modifications. Beijing Han Shide ABT Electronics Company technical director Shi Xiaohui said intake and exhaust system modifications have European and American systems and Japanese points. Case I: Returned from Britain after Sir Donald bought a 1.8L automatic golf Turbocharger Kits.


But he believes golf speed fast enough, you want a faster engine response speed, while Tsang did not want to let the engine sound too, want to maintain a quiet ride space. Modification proposal: European cars such intake and exhaust modifications can choose K & amp; N high-flow air filter to increase the intake air. This is also the German cars are generally the primary intake modification techniques. Large selection of original intake air filter intake mushrooms instead of using a relatively safe option. When you install the filter can simply replace the original.


ABT original exhaust tail section uses row to row properly reduced pressure. He said such modifications need to replace the exhaust pipe and the middle, because the effect of the modified Tsang requirements for pretty quiet, so the only way to change the end of the row can not affect exhaust emissions and exhaust noise will not have a significant enhance the response of the engine under the circumstances. Comments: If full use of ABT German original imported parts, like Sir Donald Such modifications need about 8000 yuan. If parts H beam Connecting Rods are imported from Germany, but not ABT original pieces, the required conversion costs about 5,000 yuan. If full use of domestic components, the entire modified only 1,000 yuan.