Fab Design McLaren 650S

At the recent opening of the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, Fab Design has launched a product called VAYU RPR Spider modified McLaren 650 Spider. Appearance, the whole body with a dark matte painting, widened to increase after the fenders and side skirts as well as to build a new front spoiler with a domineering vehicle Auto Performance Parts will have a better aerodynamic performance.


The rear bumper has been redesigned to become more sharp, tough lines and divergent tail shape also makes the original car to fight full range of children's 650 Spider build on the momentum. The design is also more aggressive exhaust, two ultra-thick exhaust pipe into the middle of the rear, so that people of their full driving desire. Tire is 20 inches in diameter using flat compared to Pirelli P ZERO 25 high-performance sport tires, thin sidewall visual effect is great, but the durability and comfort will be very general.


Inside, the steering wheel, in the control panel Connecting Rod and all kinds of keypads are large areas of the use of carbon fiber material, the center console is used a lot of Alcantara material wrapped.