Goodyear Tire display concept

For the concept car, we are not familiar with most of the avant-garde of them, is the company's future design of the vane, tire brands also need the concept of the product? Of course, in fact, as early as in 2011, Bridgestone has introduced the concept of permanent free inflatable tires. Now, with their flagship Goodyear TRIPLE TUBE manipulation and increased vehicle mileage of the BH-03 came.


As the sole tire contact with the road car parts, its performance will directly affect vehicle handling, fuel consumption and other performance, a number of new energy vehicles will choose a lower rolling resistance tires, in order to achieve the purpose of reducing fuel consumption Aftermarket Auto Parts. Is it to find ways to reduce losses in addition, there is no other solution to it? The announcement of the two concept of Goodyear tires, all belong to the sword easy road, inventive moves. Depending on road conditions change with the ground contact area TRIPLE TUBE and active energy recovery BH-03 from the passive acceptance into the initiative to change, this idea can be described as refreshing. Like the concept car, concept tire production will not necessarily immediately. How to increase the supporting force of the material cost?


Changes in the structure of the internal reaction time? How to repair after damage? Endothermic material energy conversion Turbocharger Kits rate? Thus the specific number can extend the mileage and so problems are of concern to consumers. Nevertheless, we still have to show for this Goodyear applaud whimsy.