Ferrari LaFerrari FXX K charm

Combined with a number derived from the Ferrari F1 circuit technology LaFerrari FXX K denominated commercial version LaFerrari basis to build from, Naturally, also uses high-end hybrid technology, named among the "K" word it means KERS kinetic energy recovery system that allows the vehicle in which the track has more excellent performance. Dynamic aspects, Ferrari LaFerrari FXX K equipped with improved since the commercially available hybrid models, displacement 6.3 liters of V12 naturally aspirated engine wholesale auto parts can contribute 848HP, 187HP electric motor plus provided, the maximum synergy horsepower 1,035HP torque peak 91.8kgm, very tough. In addition, LaFerrari FXX K at full aero package also is designed for the track, in the active and passive hydrodynamics Jie complete consideration. Take visual theory, LaFerrari FXX K before the front part of the new smaller chin and put a new set of headlights, rear and large changes, and use integrated fender and the rear spoiler of separate left and right spoiler, new LED taillights group and short flat rear lower spoiler and exhaust pipes adjustable coil over shocks also changed from commercially available version of the four design around a dual configuration, of course, also put on a proprietary formula radial ten round lightweight Competitive circle with Pirelli tires. In addition, Ferrari LaFerrari FXX K spend fleet involved in WEC (World Endurance Championship) accrued during the World durable Highlights injected its R & D aero so LaFerrari FXX K adjustable absorber coilover can be the occasion of the speed of 200km / hr,? It has excellent 540kg downforce. In addition, LaFerrari FXX K can detect the temperature of the road surface, tire pressure, lateral acceleration and other track important data in a dynamic mode, in order to track the vehicle To attain perfect performance.