When Reiz met EDDY intake swirl

Rear-drive with a V6 naturally aspirated engine with this Reiz, in terms of engine performance, maximum power of 142kW / 6200rpm, peak torque of 236Nm / 4400rpm, if just from the data point of view, the advantages of its power in its class with the other not obvious, if competition with other T son with the same level of speedup, Reiz difficult to prevail. EDDY introduced the third generation of Reiz special carbon fiber air box intake kit, sharp Zhijun after hearing the news rushed to the store experience modification Qixing installation EDDY intake. First, put the original gas components removed, EDDY eddy holes using the original installation, without changing other parts location, convenient and quick. Then, the assembled EDDY eddy component, from unpacking to assemble the entire intake assembly can be completed quickly get, thanks EDDY so delicate workmanship. The whole process is very easy, familiar with the installation of the master craftsmen can be quickly installed. High quality metal material made of EDDY eddy helps control intake air temperature, for engines, under high-speed operation, the heat is a very important thing. After installation of the intake swirl EDDY kit, carbon fiber intake bit big mouth, open the hood at the time, saw the first thing must be the full sense of it, this is the perfect combination of art and technology. EDDY eddy carbon fiber air box intake, is the latest research results vortex, set the trend of sports fashion and functional economy as a whole. Reiz car naturally aspirated engine, after the vortex of carbon fiber air box intake, with the original box compared to the original intake air by retrofitting EDDY, improve intake air and reduce emissions significant progress in the intake swirl enhanced horsepower and fuel economic aspects of performance is very good, and very convenient quick-release care and cleaning design, making it easier to care cleaning convenience.