Senner Tuning modified 504HP Audi RS5 Cabriolet

Suddenly, slightly cold spring coming to an end, immediately comes next is suitable roadster summer, let's watch what the tuner Senner Tuning the surgeon Audi RS5 Convertible. As Audi A5 cars among the flagship performance cars, Audi RS5 has exclusive aero package with wide body sheet metal parts, but only a few local distributor to introduce two-door version of the Audi RS5 Coupe, the convertible version due to market considerations no supply . Dynamic part, Audi RS5 in 2010 will come out equipped with 4.2 liters V8 naturally aspirated engine, and then the same 4.2-liter naturally different Audi S5 gas V8 engine configuration, the engine system by the brand's super sports car Audi R8 V10 engine adjustable coilover modified from the Fengyun-based engine can erupt at maximum horsepower at 8,250rpm 450HP and peak torque up 43.8kgm, with naturally aspirated engine, the volumetric efficiency can be described as the most all models of Audi. Then, at the end of 2011 when, Audi A5 cars for small facelift facelift operation, the S5 equipped to 3.0 liters supercharged engine, performance flagship RS5 is to retain its original 4.2-liter naturally aspirated V8 configuration. Wheels regard, Senner Tuning to put this over the car from MB DESIGN adjustable coil over shocks, model KV1 concave style, size 20x10.5J, with Dunlop Sport Maxx GT tires ran high performance, while the choice of hard and soft height adjustable KW V3 avoid group will reduce the shock absorber body, while improving handling. Dynamic part, has extensive experience VAG modified cars of Senner Tuning your computer program rewriting induction system and strengthen the performance exhaust pipe facelift, the maximum horsepower increase from the original 450HP to 504HP, torque is also enhanced from 43.8kgm to 48.7kgm, plus exclusive development accelerator throttle, making this Audi RS5 Cabriolet Barry adjustable absorber coilover accelerate the achievement of progress by the 4.9 seconds to 4.2 seconds, the effect is quite good.