The new Pentium B50 July 15 listing

Recently, according to official said the FAW Pentium, Pentium brand new B50 will go on sale in July 15, a new car with a new exterior and interior design, dynamic, equipped with 1.6L and 1.4T two engines. The new Pentium B50 will use the latest family front face shape, while retaining the classic three banners style chrome grille on the basis of size is increased further, on both sides of the front grille headlight shape is more sharp, two front bumper the inner side of the grille with LED daytime running lights. In addition, the new car sports version of the model front fender embedded "TURBO" logo, while the rear is equipped with a rear spoiler. In addition, we learned that the new car wheelbase up to 2725mm, compared to the current growth 50mm. The interior, the new car with black / brown two-tone color, with a three-spoke multifunction steering wheel as well as mainstream style double-barrel-type instrument panel, looks more dynamic. The top of the center console is equipped with LCD screen, air conditioning and multimedia controls below the region with a large area of physical buttons. It is reported that the new car is equipped with heated front seats, a button to start the function. Power, the new Pentium B50 will be available equipped with two different power models, including regular edition models use the cash 1.6L engine, while the Sport models using 1.4T turbo engine, which is the maximum output power of 136 horsepower (100kW ) and peak torque of 220N m. Transmission system, 1.6L models will match the manual and automatic transmission, 1.4T model uses 6AT gearbox.