Man free 2016 models 1.4T Limited

A closer look reveals that, on both sides of the wheel arches freedom Man significantly protrude outside the body, so the freedom Man body width than the average small SUV are wider. Such a design is to take advantage of the visual effects, easy to create a feeling of muscular, with the Jeep family inherent rigid design, free Man this small and strong contrast Meng particularly likable. Man fundamental freedoms door covering the entire side, leaving just a small section of the lowermost side skirts. If not crossed this particular mud dirty road, opened the door and got off have to worry about dirty trousers. Our car free Xia 18-inch wheels is very beautiful, and body design style is very dissonant. Choose the tire down a little general, horse brand ProContact TX Volvo C70 Conrods is an emphasis on durable goods, which Treadwear wear index reached 500, which means it can be theoretical mileage reached 240,000 kilometers, but each of the other aspects of performance They are more general. Overall, freedom Man exterior design was very successful, its attraction to young consumers is irresistible. Perhaps this is saying something to the Italian descent, into the European design ideas, the way many American cars have become more charm. And look the same, freedom Man interiors gave people a good first impression C70 MK1 Connecting Rod, because it is willing to use in terms of cost cutting. If the soft material of the console surface is considered a relatively good performance in the same level, then the leather wrapped door panel may be a surprise. A sense of quality and comfort are very satisfactory. But it must be free to criticize Man's navigation system. Other features multimedia system with up very smoothly, can be only one point into the navigation interface, the system's computing power seems at reducing the three grades, the operation is significantly delayed, not when there is a click unresponsive conditions. The problem we had was not found in the Geneva free test drive Overseas Man, which is visible after entering the domestic multimedia systems match the defects. Panoramic sunroof freedom Xia Volvo S60 Conrods is to force, the area in front of the same level opponents totally worth it to show off, but also from the currently known information, the panoramic sunroof is not only exclusive to the top models.