Volkswagen will push new electric car platform

Previously, we reported that Volkswagen plans new energy vehicles in 2025 to sell a million of the program, and a few days ago, according to the latest foreign media reports, Volkswagen will develop a new electric car platform in addition to the existing MEB platform to fit a larger size The product. Currently, the public has a MEB platform to launch electric vehicle products can be applied to the Passat and other models from POLO, and mileage ranging from 249 km to 499 km. The first production model of the platform will be the public BUDD-e concept car production version version is expected to put into operation in 2020. Currently MEB platform and can not be applied to larger products, like the news that the new generation Phaeton model will be a new energy, a new electric car platform is more important. According to Volkswagen electric vehicle research and development director Volkmar Tanneberger said in an interview, Volkswagen is developing a new platform to apply to larger electric models. Also worth mentioning is that, after the launch of the Porsche Mission E and the future Audi Q6 will also be located in the pure electric vehicles, two cars is possible based on their electric vehicle platform to build, it is believed that some of the technology or a different brand of the Volkswagen Group We can cooperate with each other.