Porsche release 718 kit model

Recently, Porsche officially unveiled two 718 models enhanced version of the model kit the official figure, the Porsche custom department (Porsche Exclusive) On the basis of 718 Boxster S and 718 Cayman S is added to enhance the sporty appearance package, there is no change in terms of power. Appearance, 718 Boxster S enhanced version of the model kit uses bright yellow paint, equipped with more visual impact sport design package, such as black tail pipes of the exhaust system, the rear side of the body maxpeedingrods performance parts and identify models and 20-inch Carrera Sport wheels, all of which are made of shiny black appearance package coating. Into the car, 718 Boxster S is the same yellow / black color with color, dashboard and dials the Sport Chrono Package as yellow, GT sport steering wheel is used Alcantara material package, while the car interior also covers a large number of carbon fiber material . 718 Cayman S body with white body paint wholesale auto parts, in the appearance of the installation kit and 718 Boxster S is similar. The interior, 718 Cayman S with brushed aluminum and stainless steel and other materials for decoration, dashboard panels and other interior components are white, interior style more calm. Power connection, 718 Boxster S and 718 Cayman S are equipped with a 2.5T horizontally opposed four-cylinder engine car tuning parts, the maximum power output of 350 hp and peak torque of 420 Nm, 6-speed manual transmission and provide 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox for the election.