Saab in suspension

As a sports car, Saab in the suspension also has a unique perspective, front McPherson multi-link independent rear suspension allows the vehicle combination has better high-speed stability and comfort, while the stabilizer bar to be added ensure bend state body roll is suppressed. Saab9-3 suspension gives the impression that the trip is not long and the match was good, we can say that it is quite compatible with good comfort and mobility. In adopting the uneven pavement, under the pressure of the body no extra action, suspension support is in place! The road also passed moderation, will not bring irritable feeling to the driver.  Saab9-5 is equipped with a 2.3L L4 turbo engine (260 hp), with Saab Trianic7; Saab MFI strong turbine technology, the maximum power of 191kW / 5200rpm; maximum torque of 350N · m / 1800 ~ 5200rpm, do not look Displacement no big 9-3, but 9-5 engine parameters, but the former is larger 5 horsepower, the power aspect big 3kW, therefore, the driving feel only be described as worse than 9-5. The turbine is less than 2000 rpm to allow intervention low torque Saab9-5 / 9-3 becomes strong due to the low speed began to work, so unless you are slow to oil, it would be difficult to detect before and after the start of the turbine difference. And is substantially the same 9-3, Saab9-5 also belongs to the kind of driving style biased comfortable, soft seats, light steering, brake pedal not even belong to tough, despite the early part feels a bit soft and there is a certain margin, but after the intensity is relatively uniform, that's more sensible, and would like to use automatic car trod (my hand) neutral "stop wandering" feeling is very easy.