Saab9-5 engine performance

Engine performance Saab9-5 beyond the 2.8T 9-3, but in the gearbox but slightly behind, only selected 5AT, even so, both in the match is also very good, everyday driving, even if the gearbox It will bring a slightly stronger sense of frustration, but it is definitely a stable "soft type." And at full throttle, 5AT me feel no less dynamic 9-3 6AT, even in the sense of reducing the speed two-block Genghen even more! On driving performance, Saab9-3 more delicate than 9-5, to comfort requirements are higher! Whether it is from the 6-speed automatic transmission or the output effect it ride that sets 2.8T 6-cylinder engine point of view is true, therefore, Saab9-3 car tuning store me feel richer connotation. Of course, not Dengxianzhibei 9-5, but its performance will be more straightforward, a tough-guy image! On explosive, 9-5 might be a slight advantage (on the next page will be presented in an accelerated test), but if you talk about the advantages of high-speed cruising, it has enough power reserve of more Saab9-3 will lead to the former. Let's look at Saab9-3, before the accelerated test and we need to turn off the ESP switch to the S block, in particular here to explain, Saab9-3 the ESP system need to control the opening and closing in the computer, all of the interface auto replacement parts is in English, with than a large button on the left of the steering wheel 9-5 cumbersome to operate for many. Started, two cars are basically the engine speed is limited to about 2500rpm, this time, there is a short tire slippage, can be seen from the chart, Saab9-5 strong acceleration came very early in the process of change stall speed is quite fast.     In contrast, Saab9-3 point of force is half a beat slower, but it's more staying! 0 to 60 km / h acceleration, 9-5 9-3 faster than the nearly 0.5 seconds, while the final completion h beam connecting rods of 100 km / h acceleration, both the gap to 0.2 seconds, which is sufficient to explain the problem. Publication of the results: Saab9-3 bests of 7.4 seconds; and 9-5 more vigorous 7.2 seconds!