BMW X1 vs Lexus NX power

BMW X1 assembly is no longer the familiar ZF 8AT gearbox, while the use of a 8AT transmission from Aisin. The original electronic machinery Dangba Dangba was changed, the texture is not declined. Lexus NX200t assembly is a traditional 6AT gearbox, standard shift paddles, but less than the number of gear BMW X1. Based on the new BMW X1 UKL platform to build consistent manner and drive the Lexus NX, two for the front-wheel-drive cars. Two vehicles of the same type suspension, McPherson front suspension form of suspension BMW 325i Coilovers, multi-link rear suspension in the form of suspension. We selected two timely four-wheel drive vehicles are used structures to improve through sex under complicated road vehicle. Two vehicles are used in multi-plate clutch type differential, in theory, you can assign up to 50 percent of power to the rear wheels of the vehicle. The difference is that the Lexus model also has NX200t LOCK function, the speed 40km / h or less long multiple-plate clutch is forced, and to improve vehicle performance BMW 328i Coilovers under mild off-road conditions. By contrast, we can still find great changes in the BMW X1, and it becomes more handsome, more tough, quite sell; configuration richer, more space and more flexible. Can be seen using the UKL platform precursor BMW X1 courting more consumers, it may be become more pragmatic. Lexus NX Although performance space Nandi BMW X1 E46 Shock Absorbers, but it's better interior materials, seat large thick and soft, comfort better than the BMW X1.