MINI look modifications

More and more car owners to put their favorite color, so that not only embodies visual impact on the owners seek, but some owners mood and personality highlight. Body sticker film with different body, is a highly personalized conversion way, creative and has a role in protecting the paint, now it has become quite popular retrofit project, down to economy cars, from super sports car can look film adapted to the body of the figure. Today we bring the car to change clothes MINI Exterior color stories, we work together to appreciate it! Appearance, John Cooper Works version of the new exclusive aero kit that includes a high degree of identification of new front bumper, side skirts, rear spoiler on the rear bumper and other parts, and then with exclusive lightweight color wheels, front and rear JCW Ming plate and brake calipers, show a strong dynamic run grid. Interior side, opened the door and the first thing is the threshold JCW car with red stitching Sport steering wheel with suede and leather staggered JCW adjustable racing seats, aluminum pedals and black dashboard, creating a fairly high blood textured atmosphere. According to the original version, the 2015 Mini Cooper S JCW models PDI fastest start in the first quarter of 2015, and the local distributor of the German cars will sail into the country for the first time.