Mini with land rover chassis and Mini body

Recently, small series to see such a great personality Mini for sale, its price is 7900 pounds, specifically what does a guy on ebay website, give us the following to make a short presentation. He looked at from the exterior, the vehicle is a two-door four nineties Mini, chassis, 3.9L V8 engine, suspension and the like from the Range Rover, equipped with an automatic transmission, the specific power parameters further unclear, but this engine enough in the countryside Sahuan. Mini car a playful; Land Rover Kuiwu aggressive SUV and off-road vehicles; these two poles apart brand, product positioning extremely poor, according to the only common denominator in that they speak only English in vivo blood shed. And the two soft first chassis cut to fit a certain set of yellow "shirt." Of course, you can simply understood as the Land Rover added a mini site housing, a lot of work behind it we do not know, but irrelevant to the two models is definitely not a simple get together work. Such wide-body fender is quite domineering.