Benz Introduces New Electric Car

Recently, following the new brand of new energy vehicles news release, Mercedes-Benz plans to have pure electric vehicles more progress. It is reported that, in the forthcoming Paris Motor Show, Mercedes-Benz released a new addition to new energy brand, will introduce a pure electric car, the new car will be aimed directly at the fiery competitor Tesla MODEL S. According to overseas media reports, the Mercedes-Benz electric vehicles approaching the maximum mileage 500km, while positioning the new car and the price will be comparable to MODEL S. Compared with other Mercedes-Benz models, the pure electric vehicles will be based on a new modular platform to build, will be using the best technology and materials, the entire cockpit designs would come to expect. In the latest Mercedes-Benz planning new energy vehicles, the new brand will mark the future of the BMW i series. According to previous reports, Mercedes will launch later this year a new pure electric B-Class station wagon and two equipped with a new energy-powered smart models, whether these new cars will be attributed under the new brand, perhaps the Paris Motor Show will have a specific message.