What is C-ECAP in the end?

C-NCAP, E-NCAP, C-ECAP ...... Maybe you are confused by these letters, but you certainly heard of the "five-star safety," "five stars" This new car tagline, which is derived from the specific to car China New car Assessment Program C-NCAP safety testing and the European New car Assessment Program E-NCAP, car prices were in both third-party testing agencies seem to take "five-star" got soft, and now the Chinese Center for automotive Research, following C-NCAP and later launched a C-ECAP, diagnostic test results and declared that nearly 80% of the vehicle does not pass! This in the end is what kind of a test system? Category C-ECAP evaluated include five basic evaluation of air quality inside, interior noise, harmful substances, comprehensive fuel consumption, exhaust emissions, etc. In addition, C-ECAP will be re-utilization of recyclable and utilization accounting reports, corporate greenhouse gas emissions reporting, parts life cycle assessment gives the corresponding points. In the C-NCAP, E-NCAP test, the vehicle is safe only in that moment of collision, "bang" sound will be able to see the outcome, while the C-ECAP is tested throughout the entire life cycle of the car, from the car selection of raw materials, manufacturing, consumer use of the entire recycling process is the evaluation of the scope of C-ECAP.