Red paint Peugeot 207 hub

From time 206cc liked the little Peugeot convertible, the price is relatively low civilians, but 4AT has been a heart disease, it has been for so many years just concerned, there is no impulse buying. Later generation 207cc market, and the combination of 1.6T + 5MT is to force, with several impulse to start are deflated deflated wallet Jun discouraged, so he is concerned that the 11 models listed, 5MT replaced 6MT, 0-100 also raised to 8.2 seconds, more tempting Then think of the 208 listed, and wanted to wait and see 208cc, the result is 208 listed in Europe there are two versions of the performance there is no version of cc version, the country is not even 208 are not, and then later both 2008 in the domestic market, 208cc is still no news Later Peugeot suddenly decided not to import the manual version of the 207cc, and only imported automatic or nose without T 1.6, it seems that the amount of the Peugeot want to go, and take automatic + soft power to attract to attract little girls, so I began to focus on second-hand fashion version of paragraph 11 Real time has decided to start in early 15, and sold the car, and the daughter is also sponsoring a point, scrape up enough money to go directly to mention the previously favored car After get back, the first oil well maintenance changed again spark plug, then clean out a tachograph, the cover on the rear-view mirror of the kind, with reverse image function of wireless transmission, running to the province. Next to the hub spraying film, into the red. Then replaced the tires ran 3w much the way the installation of tire pressure monitoring iron generals, solar version, do not run the line, easy. Always felt too flat trunk lid, and looked buttocks not Alice, not sexy, Amoy a tail, the election for a few days last selected horses 6 Rui wing tail, installed after themselves feel better. Finally, the trunk lid trim with silver spray spraying film became a black, feel more unified color.