Forge Motorsport released Golf GTI MK7 new intercooler

Forge Motorsport has launched all MK7 Golf GTI models are suitable for assembly in the cold. The new cooler at a suitable location, without having to modify the radiator assembly. Cooling is radically improved, it is possible more temperature 25-30 ° C (77-88 ° F) lower than that of previous models. In addition, the increase of which intercooler engine core temperature is increased only 4 ℃, the effect is obvious. All these data are experimentally measured. Appearance is black satin powder coating, and includes all necessary mounting. The company recently Forge 1.4 turbocharged 1.4T FSI engine that is designed exhaust valve adapter, this beautifully designed adapter to allow owners to quickly and easily to their OE hardware installed on the drain valve. The idea behind the project is simple, bolt the solenoid valve and turbocharger between the adapter properly, the engine will be connected to the exhaust valve, there is no problem any running. Each adapter through the road and bench tests to ensure that it is fully compatible with these engines.