New VW Golf GTI 7th shock absorbers

KW seven companies in the new VW Golf-based GTI launched Variant 1, Variant 2 and Variant 3+ three suspension kit. KW suspension kit stainless steel through the German TUV test, can reduce the body 25-55 mm. Variant 1 has a damping system factory settings, Variant 2 allow to adjust rebound damping 16 grade. Variant3 + more powerful, adjustable rebound damping and compression damping, respectively. The seventh generation VW Golf GTI is a compact sports car. Stainless steel KW suspension make the new GTI safer. KW suspension kit of Variant1 both sports yet everyday practicality. For those who just want to reduce their Volkswagen Golf GTI fit WRX STI Coilovers owners of seven lines, if you want the car's wheels and tires into a relatively large size, KW's Variant2 shock absorbers able to cope with the new wheel size by adjusting the damping is set. KW's Variant 3 more excellent, you can adjust the compression damping and rebound damping, respectively, rebound damping with Variant2 as 16 grades, adjust compression damping 12 grades to choose from. Adjustment operation is also very simple, do not need additional aid of a tool. AC Schnitzer MINI Cooper S has introduced four dye hue modified cars: are red, yellow, blue and green. MI2 18-inch alloy wheels fit WRX STI Adjustable Coilovers, rear-view mirror housing body is also made with color change. Let us look at the four cute and sporty MINI Cooper S now! A new design by Prior Design body kit widens appear in the Porsche Cayenne body. The car has been designed to have a body of a price, but this time is the most extravagant one. Vents everywhere, beautiful rear diffuser, the new LED daytime running lights are placed in the front bumper, front fenders widened and above the new grille installed. Side skirts extend back to the rear bumper, rear wheel arches have been widened. All of these accessories fit WRX STI Suspension Kit is priced at 8,900 pounds, or $ 11,800, the price is actually very reasonable. To know the retail price of a Porsche Cayenne is about six figures. And other brands of body modification corresponding full price are £ 30,000 or more.