KW company develop latest suspension systems for BMW xDrive model

With BMW's all-wheel-drive models of expanding the scope of BMW's "xDrive all-wheel-drive concept" has more than 60 models, the coverage from 1 Series to the BMW 5 Series and then X6. For the latest all-wheel drive version of the BMW 3 Series Sedan (F30), KW has introduced Variant 1, Variant 2 and Variant 3+ three suspension kit. This stainless steel suspension kit allows the body by 60 mm. Variant 1 has a damping system factory settings, Variant 2 allow to adjust the rebound damping 16 grade. Variant3 + powerful, adjustable rebound damping fit WRX STI Shock Absorbers and compression damping, respectively, similar to the car suspension. In mid-September 2013, these three KW dampers will also apply to the BMW 3 Series wagon. KW suspension suspension has stainless steel pillar, a pillar of dirt wear formula trapezoidal thread. After using this suspension shock absorbers, front axle BMW 3 Series xDrive version fit Nissan Skyline R33 Coilovers of the German TUV test can be reduced 25-55 mm suspension. Rear axle can be reduced from 35 to 60 mm, increasing the stability and steering precision. Advantages: KW adjustable damping technology With KWVariant2 and Variant3 + shock absorber market, the BMW 3 Series owners to individual driving needs to provide the perfect solution. For example, if the owner of the car wheels and tires into a relatively large size, the shock absorbers can be adjusted to match the new wheel, which was previously impossible. So, on the BMW 3 Series fit R33 GTST Coilovers xDrive improves the handling and comfort of this suite of adjustable damping maximum.