The abundance of rubber chassis

A top limit speed of the machine, to race in the tricky winds accelerating Mercedes, in addition to a technology beyond the ordinary riders outside, it must be close co-ordination of the various parts, in order to obtain supreme value certainly, under such intense driving environment, the chassis to withstand the extreme pressure of the light we can not calculate with imagination, let us look at how to do this source Fung satisfactory rubber chassis with a member of it! This is the original Saab 95 sets of iron tripod and the abundance of the source product comparison chart, you can see their products as much as the intentions of the original parts quality.  For readers of the vehicle chassis must know a little research, the vehicle chassis parts linked to each other and pulling together a few twisting shear engineering, chassis modification is not an ordinary store can be clearly understood explain it to you, its varied complex chassis parts may be provided as vehicle ride on a clear path to control the quality, and therefore poor quality inferior goods, under the same test conditions more favorably, but with the actual test and complete production technology products, is to more people choose the main cause of its products, the source of the abundance of furniture designed thirty years of production and development of automobile chassis parts liner technology manufacturers, with its many years of technical experience, with modern software design and development of all technical, so it after loading the actual production of the products, so many owners amazed, which is why this abundant source of growth is still robust, and its products enduring reason.