Dorsett EC8 ECU upgrade

I own before the opening of the hatchback Vizi, from the outside to the engine, the modified yourself a lot of things, starting motivated, we can say little throttle flew really suited to such speed manmanyouyou Big Eight, Bigfoot throttle to wait first-class performance, so have been wondering too good to big eight Bubu body, the initial idea is as follows:     1, an ignition system, a circuit strengthened. Mainly replace the spark plug, high-energy ignition coil, installation of strengthening the ground. Since 4G63S4N engine is an independent ignition coil, high-energy ignition coil could not find the converted, so just the replacement of gold by spark plugs, this job has been made some time ago. The other is to strengthen the ground, since the Big Eight newer models fit Chevrolet Air Strut, made to order, you may need DIY, after taking the time to get another.    2, intake and exhaust modifications. Replacing the original bit high-flow air filter, replace the exhaust tail section, since the Big Eight newer models, there is no suitable member, also held in abeyance.    3, the depth of the intake and exhaust modifications, including polishing the intake and exhaust pipes, sports high-flow replacement or removal of the original car TWC TWC. I personally never liked catalytic removal, consider doing so only temporarily polished intake and exhaust fit Cadillac SUV Air Suspension, a large amount of the project, have not spare time to get, first placed.    4, the engine computer upgrade (ECU upgrade). Since EC8 series are used Delphi MT80 series ECU, the country with technology upgrades being only a Essen, but also to be sent to the headquarters of Dalian to upgrade, I did not have time to get.    5, addiction level conversion: from light to dark are: to improve the displacement cylinder boring - "modified turbocharger or supercharger system -" replacement engine. These modifications are essentially a system of transformation, not just move the engine fit Cadillac SUV Air Shocks, a lot of things surrounding the intake and exhaust, tires, suspension, brakes, cooling, transmission, etc. should be strengthened, it is too much trouble. These things I have played before, so now you do not want to toss, so as to retain only the reference