GM's latest hybrid system

In addition, a higher degree of integration of the latest GM hybrid system. The new LaCrosse hybrid version and Mai Rui Bao XL hybrid version has the motor, motor controller, clutch control solenoid valves and other components are integrated, the more compact volume. Cadillac CT6 plug-in hybrid version of the integrated five clutch 3 set of planet gears, the case of two motors on the length remains fairly ordinary 8AT automatic transmission, increased only in the radial dimension. GM's latest hybrid system uses a special lithium ion battery and a special battery temperature control system. Under the premise to ensure the battery capacity, reducing the number of batteries, reducing welding nodes to enhance the stability of the battery pack work. To sum up, the new GM hybrid system in the structure and performance to be better than the current domestic sales of Toyota hybrid system. More new Buick LaCrosse hybrid version, snow Folan Mai Rui Bao XL hybrid version of Cadillac CT6 as well as plug-hybrid version of the actual driving experience, stay tuned for our upcoming article on the evaluation test drive lines.