MINI fashion derived

Early last century the late fifties and sixties, MINI birth while blowing the trend of fashion and personality, their life cycle and influence enough amazing. MINI-derived fashion even in the 1960s, the United Kingdom, Ms. Mary Quint (Mary Quant) design miniskirt, are named by the MINI. Shortly after obtaining her driver's license, he ordered a black Mini, and jumpsuit skirt their own design named "Mini Skirt", whereby "the mother of the miniskirt" lead generation women dress revolution. The stamp set called "British design classic" British Royal Mail issued buy air suspension, will MINI cars along with miniskirts, telephone booths, Concorde and the London Underground map and other representative image into income. The last century, the early 90s Mini Minus its smallish size, yield rare treasure for many things MINI enthusiasts. Retro styling, coupled with carbon fiber shape benz air suspension, it should be harmonious with the classic technology it! Body, acrylic window glass steel, is easy to see from the appearance of the owner of the lightweight route. You know, just a little more weight to the car after the turn 500KG, this is a dreadful data ah! Such a mirror is more compact and charming. Minus the owners to give this more than just repair as simple as the outbreak of the second life. Body mitigation, performance optimization benz air suspension for sale, faster, lighter, lower MINI Minus.