Powermax strengthen piston

Force Racing ST2 10-inch alloy wheels in Curley carbon fiber widebody wheel eyebrow even more full of care, and even some public cannon "explosive turtle" Fan children. Demolition and glass window lifters, replaced by acrylic plexiglass, sliding-style windows, Easily Save 10 ~ 20KG, which reminds me of "Initial D" in Takahashi Ryosuke often mention the word in his mouth. " lightweight is the strongest weapon modifications. " Under the hood, before transplantation generation 1380cc (about 1.38L) naturally aspirated engine with the same car seems small and lean. Although there is no do-Tibet line treatment, but still very neat inside the cabin. Radtec increase the water tank and Revotec enhanced electronic fan. Under their assistant air shocks, Minus to peace of mind to run. After a very short air filter is specially tuned to optimize HIF44 carburetor system. It seems far, carbon fiber valve chamber cover extraordinarily high profile? This is not a high-profile wind blowing confidence. Powermax strengthen the piston, Rimflow strengthen surrounding the valve, and Kent (276 degrees) high angle camshaft and other parts of the abdominal dress, let Minus with rampant high-profile capital. Opened end caps air shock absorber, big steamer like mini tank is fixed in the middle. OMP steering wheel + NRG quick release seat, TRS Competitive + Sparco Sprint bucket seat belt. Create a sense of driving it is in place. But the interior was quite a heavy taste, exposed roll cage, metal, although it seems very simple, but no less a safety factor. Remaining an entire instrument panel KOSO-RX2N Multifunction digital instrumentation to monitor all data traffic on the way. While its lower part three small oiler through three small booster pump adjustable air shocks, the pump body was well-known US brand WILWOOD upright pedal stampede provide help. Twenty-five years pronto. Mini Minus the 90 'classic, after careful reconstruction of the owner, gave him absolute direct driving feel, but gives it a new meaning of existence.