The Quattroporte allocation scheme

As GranLusso deluxe models customized version Zegna personalized interior will fine high-quality leather and Zegna 100% natural silk fabrics combine to give its distinctive elegant personality. The GranSport Sport decorative design goal is to reflect the Maserati racing tradition legendary. Sport Style stronger new steering wheel in black perforated leather trim, with "anti-whiplash" neck protection seat headrests design, are of GranSport Sport models unique standard equipment. 2017 CEO sedan models equipped with 3.0 liters V6 twin-turbo engine, while the GTS version is equipped with a 3.8-liter V8 twin-turbo engine fit E46 Suspension Kit, two engines by Maserati and Ferrari by Ferrari to design and manufacturing. Equipped with a V8 engine of the GTS models top speed up to 310km / h, becoming the fastest ever Maserati models, it is today the world's fastest V8 four major sports luxury sedan. Meanwhile, the new president also has the world's fastest shifting 8-speed automatic transmission, shift time ≤100 ms, so motorists in everyday driving F1 fit BMW E46 Spring Struts car can feel like a dynamic and stimulating. The front grille to install new electric air shutters can be optimized engine temperature control, reducing air drag coefficient of the vehicle body. The new Quattroporte Executive car air resistance coefficient (Cx) further reduced by 10 percent to 0.28, while the new president is the only sibling with a rear diffuser limousine. The new Quattroporte sedan president has an ideal weight distribution scheme, maintaining the front and rear weight distribution of 50:50. Its chassis, body and extensive use of aluminum suspension system, designed to improve vehicle fit BMW E46 Coil Struts handling, and maximize occupant safety and minimum weight.