i-MMD hybrid dynamic systems

The power system on Honda, before two articles "Honda hybrid / turbine technology analysis" and "hybrid Accord depth technical interpretation" has been described in great detail, are not repeated here described only briefly summarize the new Honda hybrid dynamic core technology. Honda i-MMD hybrid dynamic systems by a 2.0L Atkinson cycle engine, the power control unit (PCU), high power motors and high-capacity lithium-ion battery, of which the motor is partially loaded dual-motor, neither the traditional gearbox transmission does not require the planetary gear than Toyota's THS-II hybrid system simpler structure. The hybrid system is the most important feature is that it can provide not only like other hybrid dynamic systems as good fuel economy and power requirements are not lowered, so called sports hybrid system. And on this Honda hybrid system works, and especially simple. Toyota's first talk about how to do: THS-II hybrid system through the planetary gear set, each time adjusting the mixing ratio of the power source; and Honda's i-MMD system is constantly switching power source can be provided the motor drive power, also It can be the engine through double reduction gear, a driving force. The advantage is that a simpler structure, higher power output efficiency.