Yu Sheng S330 officially listed

September 26, 2016, Jiangling Motors Yu Sheng S330 officially on sale, the new car positioning a new flagship market, the new compact SUV, equipped with 1.5T engine, launched a total of 7 models. Yusheng S330 is Jiangling Motors launched the first urban SUV, the car will be the flagship of the young consumer market, new car design more fashionable, the front face of the large mouth of the grille and the C-day daytime running lights design impressive. In the side, the car's B-pillars, C-pillars, D-pillars are used in black design, creating a floating roof effect, sharp waistline is the former fender has been extended with a taillight above. The tail of the new car through the chrome trim fit benz w220 front air shocks will be connected on both sides of taillights, the bottom is the use of silver anti-scratch board, adding a sense of fashion. In the body size part, Yu Sheng S330 length and width were 4588/1932 / 1676mm, wheelbase 2712mm. Compared to the same level of competition, the car in terms of wheelbase has a certain advantage. Overall, Yu Sheng S330's interior using a large number of straight lines, modeling more concise. In order to enhance the sports atmosphere, the new car's center console, the door trim and many other parts fit benz w220 front air strut also use the imitation of carbon fiber decoration. At the top of the center console, the new car uses a soft material to wrap and enhance the texture. In the details section, the car also used a lot of individual design elements, such as modeling exaggerated dashboard and so on. In the configuration section, Yu Sheng S330 standard tire pressure monitoring system, body stability system fit benz s class air shocks, 8-inch touch screen, etc., equipped with models equipped with panoramic sunroof, front seat heating, in addition to manual transmission 2 models other than the 5 automatic There are wireless charging interface.