Medium-sized SUV joint venture appeared

SUV market has been hot for some years, until now, the trend also did not retreat. The trend of joint venture manufacturers, from the outset to launch a compact SUV as the flagship model, and then to the small SUV, all without compromise. Now, the major manufacturers seem to shift the battlefield, aimed at medium-sized SUV market. The past two years, the joint venture medium-sized SUV market can be described as surging. In addition to selling the mainstream models Highlander, Angkorway, free light, sharp sector, Q5 outside. There will be listed in the crown, Skoda Kodiaq, Peugeot 5008 and so on. This allows the overlord of the SUV has been a medium-sized Highlander, no longer dare to sing "Invincible is the most lonely." Why has there been a vacancy in the medium-sized SUV market, and suddenly lively up? Prior to this, in this market, has been the lack of competition, Highlander has the undisputed right to speak. Want to buy a joint venture medium SUV, apart from the Highlander, really do not know what election. Until the sharp domestic sector and the emergence of Angke Wei, this situation was broken. Faced with such a vacant market, many manufacturers also sit instability. After all, to seize the initiative is very important. In the small and compact SUV market, the joint venture brand has been subject to various repression. Own brand is almost unshakable posture, disdain for the joint venture. However, the independent brands in the medium-sized SUV market performance is weak, which allows joint venture manufacturers to see a glimmer of opportunity. Even if the autonomy in the price there is a great advantage, but also did not get the desired performance. Moreover, the medium-sized SUV crowd, the economic conditions are usually more excellent, value, and more is the brand and quality.