Ralink double engine with B block it?

On the hybrid model, the B block is very important, it can speed up the energy recovery rate, thereby speeding up the battery charging speed. If you have used Raleigh dual engine, it should be very clear, purely by "taxi" to recover energy, charging speed will be slower. Of course, if the speed is fast enough, with the brakes to recover energy, the charging speed will be relatively much faster, but that will speed up the braking system wear rate, obviously not a safe way. Prius has B block, Camry dual engine fit benz w220 front air suspension also has B block, but Raleigh dual engine, Corolla dual engine are not, is it because of price, level of problem and "cut" with it? This is not the case, Ralink dual engine also has "B block", or accurate point that Ralink dual engine has a virtual B block. Then the virtual block B should be how to open? In the road for more than 40km / h, the first gearbox cut into the S block, and then use the shift paddle all of a sudden rise to the highest 6 block, then you will find the car deceleration increased significantly, As with the brakes, the pointer on the left panel swings more toward the CHG fit s class w220 front air suspension, which means that the energy recovery rate increases. That's right! This is equivalent to the hybrid model B block the effect brought about. In this way, is not the faster the better energy recovery? In the legal speed limit of 120km / h, this is indeed the case. From the above pictures and video can be seen at 65km / h speed began to taxi, energy recovery rate is about half. I tried to travel on the highway at 120km / h, and then glide in the same way, the energy recovery rate can reach 3/4 level. Conversely, as the speed decreases, the energy recovery rate decreases fit benz s class air suspension. When the speed is lower than 40km / h, even with this method, the energy recovery rate has been no different from the ordinary taxi.