What is the use of shift paddles?

For the role of shift paddles, I also consulted manufacturers, the answer is: Raleigh dual engine is a positioning of young, sports hybrid models, the standard shift paddles is mainly to allow drivers to obtain a certain driving pleasure . This reason to listen to like, although there is a certain truth, but do not completely take it seriously! First put aside the fun of driving aside, in fact, shift paddles are indeed very useful. In the S block, you can use the shift paddles to carry out the plus / minus gear operation, in the face of longer, steep slope, you can use the shift paddles fixed gear in the appropriate gear , Such as the uphill, the gearbox fit benz w220 front air shocks can be fixed in the low gear, to avoid frequent upshifts resulting in engine speed is too low and affect the power output; downhill, the transmission up to 6 block, not only can use the power system To assist the brake, reduce the pressure on the brake system, but also conducive to energy recovery. As for driving pleasure, this car really forget it, their positioning is not the case. If you drive a long time, so bored, this shift paddles Daoshi can be used. However, this premise is the first cut into the PWR driving mode fit benz w220 front air strut, and the pointer in the left dashboard to reach the "POWER" area is only upshifting operation, so there will be a little fun. S block is the main role of the gearbox into the manual mode, but in fact did not bring substantial changes in performance, it will not make the hybrid system has better power output, throttle response has not become sensitive fit benz s class air shocks, The only advantage is relative to the D block, you can autonomously control the engine speed to drive or shift.