Isle of Man TT is the most dangerous car race

TT is known as the world's most pounding, the most spectacular, the most dangerous racing, the car's average speed of more than 200km / h, the maximum speed of over 330km / h. Although more than 250 people have been killed in the car accident, but still attracts the world's best motorcycle warriors, go after Bo life! "Gary Johnson", I believe everyone who is concerned about the Isle of Man TT know that the famous Island TT driver, has won several times, since 2013, and spring 650NK acquaintance, Gary to join hands in the Isle of Man game! Talk about his brilliant record, it really is a grass-roots hero of the rise of the road! In 2013, a spring breeze brought together the core technology of the street car - Spring 650NK (650i) by the British agents in the spring of the eye phase, modified after debugging, he was Gary Johnson ride to the small island of Manchuria track chopper. In 2014, the spring breeze 650i for a new shape, fluorescent yellow accompanied by zebra decals, like a horse wearing a golden costumes, in the lightweight level of the race, Gary Johnson driver in the second warm-up match 650i achieved success: the first Time to seventh, second to fourth of results enough to proved has he and and 650i of strength.