The most shocking meeting

In 2015, the driver Gary Johnson for the third time with the spring breeze 650i expedition Island TT, and in the qualifying won the second good results, and boarded the island of TT global official website headlines! In 2016, once again starting the spring breeze 650i, together with the driver Gary Johnson not only in the qualifying to obtain the second, but also in the race (June 9) won the fourth of the success of the Chinese motorcycle to get a new understanding of the world , The audience after the game the car thumbs up one after another! Read the front of the content, you must be very curious little partner, and now is not the time of the Isle of TT race to do preheating too early, right? . But we can appreciate the Xiaobian again today that the island of TT star star Gary Johnson's excitement when you do, a thousand words arrived but to see the honor, yes, finally able to see him himself! . October for the motorcycle industry is a very important month, the country's largest, industry certification, the most influential large-scale motorcycle show - Chongqing Motor Show will be officially launched on October 20, spring power as Motorcycle companies certainly will not be absent, in order to express our sincerity, we specially invited the island TT TT Gary Johnson driver arrived at the scene, there are wood that the motor show more attractive it! .