Polo and Fit high models

Safety configuration, the new Polo added ESP, TSC traction control, BA brake assist, front airbags and front airbags, air curtain head and tire pressure monitoring device. Fit is not equipped with head air curtain and tire pressure monitoring device. For the Polo and Fit high models, both are equipped with parking assist configuration, automatic air conditioning and multi-function steering wheel. The Polo compared to Fit also more induction wipers, automatic air conditioning and cruise control air suspension sale. As a small car, two car space is not their strengths, compared to Polo's rear, Fit is at ease. But Polo's rear seats are more comfortable. Two cars support the rear seat by 4/6 ratio down, the trunk space can be greatly improved. Fit 1.5L provided by the Earth's dream of self-priming engine technology, the maximum output power of 96kW, the maximum torque of 155Nm, can be said to be quite powerful. The Polo provides self-priming version air suspension wholesale is 1.4L and 1.6L engine, power is normal. It is worth mentioning that, Polo brought a new GTI, the maximum power of 110kW, the maximum torque of 250Nm, the turbine can be involved in the 1750 turn, to meet the daily driving. Its official gives 8.3 seconds of 0-100km / h acceleration, in fact, can enter within 8 seconds. For friends who like to change the car is concerned, a simple brush ECU air suspension kits, 7 seconds is not a problem. (Xiaobian brush ECU is not recommended, purely to show that there are potential to enhance its power)