Automotive "performance" equipment

Today's leather material perception, touch is very similar to the leather, as long as the suture, enough to achieve the degree of spurious. Speaking of sutures, the recent car interior appeared on the imitation leather suture, we visually "enjoy" the cost of leather to further reduce the. Having finished the "luxury" configuration, let us look at those "performance" equipment. First of all, said the exhaust pipe, the market a lot of engine displacement, cylinder number of performance models are arranged in the rear more exhaust tailpipe, so many people began to be exposed outside the exhaust tailpipe Quantity to determine the performance of a car. Since so many consumers are so "intuitive" approach to make judgments, so there are car prices began in their car tail exhaust tail end of the installation of bifurcated or false tail pipe, so that the exhaust tail pipe a change Two, two become four, very face is not it? Today, many models no matter how much real need, the number of exposed tail pipe must be done. Here to say intake, said here is not the engine intake, but the body of those scattered fragmented air intake. For example, some booster models have an intake on the engine cover, and its role is to cool the cooler; there are two cars under the headlights each have a small air intake, used to cool the brake and reduce the tire near Turbulence.