White tire wall tire has become a fashion

These small air intakes (vents) are required for the performance of their respective models, and at the same time visually add color to these vehicles. Since there is such a good visual effect, naturally also escape the fate of being "cottage", we are most familiar with, than Alto Happy Prince engine cover that bluffing air intakes. Michelin's white fat no one does not know, in fact, his body is not a circle of meat, but the tire, then why is it white? This is because early car tire strength is insufficient, it was found in the rubber to add zinc oxide on the most helpful to this problem, adding zinc oxide side effects is to let the tires are turned into white. After in-depth research, people also found that adding carbon black in rubber can make white tire durability better. However, limited to the cost, black rubber is not used in all tires, many tire sidewall is still white. White tire wall tires in the late 20's became a fashion, to the 50,60's, his car is not a white tire wall is a friend in the middle of the very lifted head. However, due to high maintenance costs, white-walled tires gradually decreased after 70 generations.