Intelligent driving is an important part

Intelligent driving (autopilot) is an important part of the SEE program. As the super-car co-founder, global vice chairman Ding Lei has said that unmanned technology is the commanding heights of the future, music, as must occupy the commanding heights. In April this year, the music and announced with the Silicon Valley's strategic partner FF (Faraday Future) jointly established FF & LeFuture Institute of artificial intelligence is the world's first by the Internet companies and automobile OEMs jointly established by the Institute of artificial intelligence. According to the plan wholesale auto parts, the Institute will automatically drive as the starting point, and gradually extended to other automotive-related technologies, including automotive augmented reality technology (AR), map crowdsourcing, occupant status monitoring, automatic driving racing. In addition, it will penetrate other intelligent areas, including augmented reality terminal and experience, virtual personal assistant, intelligent home and so on. At present, the music as super phones, super TV, super car three artificial intelligence hardware has begun to take shape performance tuning parts, for the application of artificial intelligence technology provides a powerful terminal equipment, in addition, music as EUI intelligent operating system also has a large data analysis, speech recognition , Behavior analysis, human-computer interaction and other capabilities, so as to meet the user for information, entertainment, travel and other needs. With the completion of the R & D stage of the intelligent driving technology of the R & D supercar, the music driver has completed its forward-looking layout, and its products and technology are positioned at the leading position in the world, laying a solid foundation for automatic driving car tuning store. I believe in the music as the ecological and FF's resources and technical support, music as the research and development of artificial intelligence technology will accelerate the layout.